Bullying at workplace and measures to prevent bullying

Bullying at workplace and measures to prevent bullying

Bullying at workplace is a common practice these days whether it is a small organization or a multinational company but there are many preventive measures to cure a bad cause, with this content the readers will be cleared with the measures to prevent bullying.

Teasing, harassing, or bullying to candidates or use of abusive language by the higher authorities at organizations may be common at some workplace. We have heard of many cases in which the management staff members are involved in harassment or cases like bullying.

measures to prevent bullying

Bullying at workplace and management organizations especially takes place with fresh candidates or an innocent member of the organization but there are many measures to prevent bullying or stop this unacceptable behavior at workplace. Some of them are through legal measures and some of them are self-made tricks to make the bad person understand his wrongdoings inside the company.

What is the meaning of Bullying?

Even a small child going to school is familiar with the topic "what is the meaning of bullying", but still from childhood age, students are involved in performing bullying. If the school authorities take no action regarding teasing in classrooms then this would results in Bullying at workplace when they are out in the real world.

It actually means the wrong or the bad treatment with others, it is not that bullying and abuse takes place only in organizations or companies but it can be anywhere, Where there are a number of people with a bad mindset.

We call them bad elements of our society and there work is a humiliation that can be physically or mentally and causing illness to others in any form. Also, we are familiar with the term like ragging in college, this is a bad practice in which children are involved in. The need to stop ragging/ban ragging that point of time so that it does not takes place in the companies or organizations.

Some of the reputed colleges have taken the initiative to ban ragging in college completely and would not be tolerated in any form, but still, there are many colleges or universities where this unacceptable behavior takes place and the weak children are suffering mentally or physically.

Accordingly, the physical illness could be cured with the passage of time but what about the emotional or mental illness, some students are so badly affected that they never lost the fear of their illness and remain in a constantly degraded position of depression.

To stop this Government has launched some regulations that regulate a barrier to those who are involved in the wrongdoings and affecting the innocents badly. A new admission student is involved at filling an anti-ragging undertaking that clearly mentions the measures of the wrong activities inside the college campus and stops ragging in college.

Tackle against the wrong management in Companies

What action will be taken if your manager abuses you or threatens you for your job?

  • We have heard of many employees complaining against the top-level subordinate as they are bullying or abusing the lower-level employees. 

Many of the organization holds employee grievance or employee complain cell which enables the employees engaged in bullying or any harassment activities to resolve the issues between the group of people in a peaceful manner.

They hold a redressal forum that eradicates the issues involve and discuss the problem and try to solve disputes between the number of employees.

  •  Higher-level management involves in some of the wrongdoings with small level employees in some of the organizations although, there is no direct public forum for the affected victims as the government acts which are introduced for the legal protection against the interest of employees of the organization such as -section 323(Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt) section 339(wrongful restrain) and many of such acts for the protection of subordinates interests.

Mutual understanding-Sometimes the measures to prevent bullying can be conducted by mutually understanding each other and solving the issues mutually or between the advisors or any higher-level authorities.

Issue boxes-many of the companies hold the mechanism of issue box that may be online or offline, in which the victims can share his/her views openly without any transparency and will be provided with the remedies to curing or as a solution to the problem. In some cases, a bad employee can be terminated or expelled from the organization.

The traditional system of handling the complains-In many of the small companies where they are not using high tech technologies such as that of Issue box or the employee grievance cell, in those organization the bullied employee can directly complain the higher authority, which holds power to take fruitful decisions for the betterment of the company. 

Even nowadays you will get to know about  Cyberbullying, and the government is taking many preventive measures against it, that will provide remedies to the affected people to tackle cyber crimes. 

''Be defensive against the bullying or abuse at workplace''

  • Don't feel shy at raising your voice against the person who is bullying you or any of your colleagues at the workplace.

  • Do use the online or offline facilities for sharing remarks as an employee, mention the problems you are facing also your friend is facing in the organization.

  • If you are a resort to any of the problems, where no factor is in favor of your concern then try collecting records by recollecting data from CCTV cameras or collecting phone recordings and messages with the one who is bullying you. 

  • Try to share your opinion on the feedback forms or directly talk to the higher-level executives for the problems that are facing. Hope for the best result, taken by them.


There is always a solution to every problem whether it is teasing, harassment, ragging in college, or bullying at the workplace. 

As discussed above the measures to prevent bullying, some of the important concerns that can protect the interest of employees in the organization are employee grievance/cells, redressal forums, issue boxes, sharing reviews and traditional systems to handle complaints.

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