Earning with Facebook and generate traffic

Facebook for business and earning 

Earning with Facebook is a great platform to get a good amount of money with a trusted source and generate traffic which is valid to your website or blog. Getting our content to publish on Facebook is very easy, you don't have to indulge in any learning to make your property available on Facebook, just need to be aware of the way of publishing and important guidelines to follow.

earning with facebook

I clarify you with the instance of how the bloggers are working on Facebook for business and earning, generating traffic from a trusted source to build their brand name. If you are aware of marketing then it is easy for you to understand the way of building potential customers from such a traffic generating source.

Why I am saying "traffic"- because there are around 2.5 billion users of Facebook worldwide and using the open and free market to reach a good amount of customers also earning with Facebook is the best source for free marketing and promotions of our content.

Importance of marketing for earning 

 Let us be clear with the term marketing, do not relate the term with sales as sales simply means selling goods or services to the customer but marketing refers to promotions and strategies build for making the goods and services available to the customers, it is sort of customer attraction so that the buyer reach to the seller easily.

Bloggers are aware of the strategies to share their content for earning with Facebook and using the customer reach for generating traffic because they know-

"Traffic is equal to earning"

generate traffic

Steps to be followed by the users to earn

Free strategy
  • Log on to your Facebook account, click on create a page.

  • Link your Facebook page as per the name of your website/ blog. Example- your blog name is car blog then set the page with the same name as a free option of earning with Facebook.

  • To make it's existence on Facebook among your friends invite your friends to like the page and also link your website with the page.

  • Share your website posts on the page of your timeline and Facebook page use Facebook for business and earning, this will increase the chances of visibility and more clicks other than the search engine post submission clicks.
Paid option
  • Facebook has a feature for its users to boost one's post or website and as per the conditions they have to pay a small amount to make it visible to a large number of audiences and get likes and traffic that ultimately build earning.

  • It is a 1 week or more policy in which facebook promises you to make the posts visible to thousands of audiences.

  • Accordingly, it will increase post rankings on search engines, that will help in building more traffic and increase earning.

'' Do you Know- Shopclues has started its journey from Facebook ''

Affiliate marketing

  • Like your website facebook also displays products that you want the seller to generate a good amount of compensation as commission, one has to publish a post on Facebook and paste the affiliate code of the particular product on it and feel lucky if someone buys from that link.  

Switch from hard work to smart work
  • Let me explain you with the help of an example, let say if you are having 100 friends on Facebook and you request all of them to follow your FB page but you get only 50 approvals and now it's not time to reach the page to a larger audience by making more Facebook friends.

  • Instead, you should follow a trick, there are many FB groups available out there, be members of those groups share your content with the members as there are thousands of members in the group.

  • If only per group gives you only 100 reaches and if you follow 10 groups then your reach will get to thousands in one day only.

  • After building a large number of audiences then you can share any post or service, you will definitely get many visitors to your website. 

  • Youtube is a social media platform where the users can share their videos as per their interest and domain some of them upload videos for fun and some sharing videos for earning. 

  • You can link your youtube videos on Facebook by pasting the link of videos on your page and it will make more visitors come on the page and get free on-page marketing.

free marketing tool

Facebook works as a free marketing tool that not only shares your brand on its wide network but also helps your page to get a good customer reach and capture the interest of the potential visitors with free or cheap support.

It works like a big brother to one, always there to give free promotions to your web posts or blogs. There are many successful bloggers that choose this vital platform to build their brand value and comfortable at connecting other platforms within it.

Free tip for the users

If you are a seller and wanted to reach large potential customers, then as a Facebook user you have an opportunity to gain as there are many "buy or sell" groups on this wide platform ranging from cloths to automobiles.

You can also capture local customers from your page by listing the latest products or services with the free medium and make people aware of the price range.

As a seller you can directly chat with the interested customers and may offer free home delivery to local customers, also the customer will get an option of negotiation from sellers online or can give a convenient online buying platform to them so that they can free comfortable at the time of buying.


With this, we are clear with the term earning with Facebook which gives a free promotion to our websites or blogs and also generates traffic on our published content. Facebook works as a free marketing tool that helps in reaching thousands of readers in one go and is hassle-free.
Also, it gives a buy and sells the platform to users that build a wide audience online for you.

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