Marketing strategies for blog traffic and earnings

Marketing strategies for blog traffic and earnings

Marketing strategies may be different for blog traffic and earnings but both are relate-able and after a good optimization of articles, it will take you to a successful blog building process.

When we start a new blog the first thing that comes in our mind is earnings, will our new blog or website is compatible for getting the return on investment or the money that we have to spend on it. It is not only about money matters but also the time we have invested in it.

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Marketing is a great tool that not only adds value to our business but also creates promotion to websites and blogs, marketing is not only used online but offline as well. 

There are many tips and tricks in blogging that act as an instrument that promotes to blogs and websites, the tools which are widely used by the bloggers to avail potential visitors on the blog or website which might be known to you or not, some of the widely used tactics are SEO, E-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

There are also many free marketing tools that make it easy to start a new blog and helps in adding more visitors on the blog, which are social media marketing tools such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more, these tools are easily available to both online and offline as well but the way of using them should be accurate.

After the right placement and tactics of the free marketing tools the crucial role is of traffic, is your website or blog generating traffic?

The traffic is of two types organic traffic and paid traffic if we talk about organic traffic which means natural traffic that is derived by the manual composition of right keywords, attention-grabbing topics, and good content but if we talk about the paid traffic which is gained by paying for the campaigns that place your blog or the website on a good rank.

There are many paid traffic tools available that may be helpful to promote the blog, which includes cost per view, social networks, search engines, etc.

Marketing strategies for blog traffic and earnings

Accordingly, the thing that is natural is the best and evergreen and will remain at a good rank but the fact keeps on adding good content that makes your blog placed in good numbers otherwise you will lose your numbers and will not generate website traffic. On the other side paid traffic is run as a sponsored ad that charges a certain amount on the basis of your plan, this is the main difference between organic and paid traffic.

The key to mark your blog on the top list is the content not only in terms of quantity but also in terms of quality as well, if you have shared detailed information of a particular niche then the visitors will find the blog right and will visit again, also there are certain web crawlers active online that judges your post on the basis of the accurate quality and the number of words added, the type of theme applied, quality of keywords adjusted.

Keep on adding new articles to your blog, because search engines love new posts and would definitely place your articles on the top pages, but have patience.

Add backlinks to other websites which are a very crucial part of search engine optimization that leads the organic placement of your blog and also improves your search rankings. Added backlinks should be posted on the top searched websites which indicates the crawlers that your blog is good.

Add earning to blogs and website

Widely used methods to add earning to blogs and website-

Add earning to blogs and website

  • Affiliate marketing

The bloggers are earning a good amount from affiliate marketing as the ad from the seller is adjusted to one's blog and when the visitor buys a certain product from your blog, your reference is mentioned to the seller and you will be paid commission from them.

 You can choose a variety of products ranging from a toothbrush to a three-piece suit, all up to you.

  • Google ad-sense

Bloggers widely use this feature to their posts as it is one of the best money-making schemes that validates your interest to keep on updating new content.

The ad may be text, image or a video that attracts the visitors to your blog, when the visitor will click on the ad placed on the post then you will get some amount as money as per the google scenario of paying to the content writers.

  • Sell goods digitally

Selling the products that might be available on the web or your own goods or services, it is a favorite concept for adding earning to blogs and websites which include products like books, eBooks, clothing, footwear, etc and services like online coaching, informational videos, content, etc.

  • Promote blogs/websites on social media

Nowadays every business is linked to a social media account, but the people are not familiar with the thought of promoting the products or services online with the help of these platforms.
Choose the right way and diversify the business, content, or knowledge on the web.

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