Visual search as an unique business idea

 Visual search as an unique business idea

At different aspects of a growing market visual search as an unique business idea keeps on transforming the ways of doing business, Visual searching is also one of the emerging trends of online business operations. It is the technology that helps us to conduct a search on the internet using pictures.

Visual search

This is quite different from the textual search query which relies on writing text in the search bar or scrolling for pictures available on the web. It is even simpler than the textual search, now many of the online business companies avail the feature of visual search that helps the customer to find the desired product in just a blink of an eye.

What are the most successful online businesses? 

   ''Visual search trend- New era of online business''

Visual search trend is one of the biggest promotional trends for online marketing business platforms that basically works with the algorithm that processes the image when placed on the web and finds the related results.

It has turned the traditional online business to use virtual search, which is the right answer for- What are the most successful online businesses?

For instance, you see a handbag in a market that you always wanted and virtually search for it, by taking the picture of that handbag then you will find the similar products as per the image you clicked for.

This emerges the search for the products that business giants are dealing into the greater level and avails the similar products available to the customers, the main visual search engines are google, amazon, Bing, and Pinterest, also many of the e-retailers have started selling their products by using visual search as a feature in their application, that makes it easier for the users to search and find the best-related products in terms of quality, color, and availability.

These visual search engines are now widely used by the customers as it is easy to use and customer friendly if you have to avail of products or services.

Visual search on phone as a marketing tool

Visual searching as an unique business idea technology is not less than magic as it turns the camera of a phone to a search bar that brings the product at your doorstep with a click.

We might be familiar with the latest advertisements that the e-commerce sites are telecasting as an emerging market trend, one of the favorite clothing sites Myntra is broadcasting a promotional video for their visual search technology as an installed feature in their application that catches the public attention to buy from them, accordingly use the visual search as a promotional tool is an unique business idea that dissimilar the other common e-commerce site from Myntra.

Also instead of using traditional typed search options which shows thousands of pages for a single search, one of the key features of an unique business idea as picture-based search is that shows the most related product which is limited in number which creates stiff competition for the large number of e-commerce sites that may be using the traditional type search which is the search box or the voice-based searches.  

Ideally, the visual technology has great key benefits but the people are not much aware of the trend, as per the stats shown in 2017 only 27% of internet users are known to convenience, also the environment would need some time to feel free to use visual searching.

A very good instance that comes in my mind is while in a social gathering if you see a certain accessory that someone is wearing, you don’t know about that product, you simply click its picture and will find a piece of detailed information about that from the online sellers which is beneficial not only for the customer but also helps in escalation on sales of the online sellers.

Pokedex as visual search instrument 

Visual search as a unique business idea can be more advance and purposeful if we remember in our childhood days in the early 20s when we watch pokemon cartoon in tv, the pokemon players use poke remote (Pokedex) to identify the pokemon by the camera placed on the remote which signifies the attributes of the pokemon and its type.

Have you ever thought of using this virtual feature, in reality, now this concept is recalled again by the visual search engines and e-commerce sites which signifies advertisements and word of mouth plays an important role in the promotion of products and services.

 Sometimes it becomes difficult to find the right word to describe what we want to search for, so virtually it becomes easy and hassle-free to choose the thing we are looking for, what if this trend gets diversified like using the mobile camera for identifying the monument type instead of hiring a tourist guide for the outsiders. The building will be featured with the date of establishment and purpose of the establishment, key attributes, etc.

With all this one thing is clear that transformation of the marketing and the promotion tactics is very important with the development of economy and to survive in the dynamic environment, innovation is very crucial so with the emerging trends like visual searching the online business leads to diversify into the higher level that not only builds the brand image but also make it familiar in the eyes of the potential customers.


With the change in environment, the business groups have to make a change to products and services that brings innovation. Such as that of Visual search as an unique business idea that is customer-friendly and also promotes sales of the products and services.
With the emerging era of visual search trend that is widely used by the visual search engines that play a vital role as a marketing tool. At last, we can conclude that innovation is the key to success for every business organization.

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