Ways to increase website popularity instantly

Ways to increase website popularity instantly 

When the website is deriving a good amount of traffic then we can say that the website popularity is great and can be considered as a growing website.

The traffic can be derived by using good tricks and techniques that most of the bloggers or the website holders use, which includes search engine optimization(SEO) and using social media platforms for getting valid numbers of readers/customers on the website. The more the visitors on the page you get, the more popular the website increases.

Ways to increase website popularity instantly

If we get deep into techniques then SEO includes on-page SEO and off-page SEO, both tools are used as ways to increase website popularity instantly.

On page targets the ways of using the right keywords, placement of the keywords in a good way, giving meta descriptions, adding valid and quantitative content.

Off-page SEO consists of techniques such as developing high-quality backlinks, web 2.0, forum submission, directory submission, etc.    

Website popularity is equal to good search engine ranking

Do you know how these search engines catch new brands or services?  

The answer is their constant traffic or popularity that ultimately gives them a good google ranking and Alexa ranking.

Google ranking

The search engines work on an algorithm that contains web crawlers that constantly crawls the happenings on the web and when they get an insight at a content/service on which a large number of people are visiting then it ranks the website on the initial pages of their search results.

There are many helpful courses available both online and offline that not only assists you in increasing the website popularity but also gives you an instance to get your website at good google ranking and Alexa ranking that would be considered as ways to increase website popularity instantly.

Apart from on-page SEO and off-page SEO, many people are successful at building visitors on their platform by social media sites as we are familiar with some of the famous social media sites which carry a good number of customer/users reach along with the brand value.

Some of the popular ones are Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Pinterest, people use to manage valid numbers of visitors on their page without using SEO with the presence of these widely used platforms.

As a blogger, to increase the website popularity, I create backlinks on my blog, share my posts on different social media platforms in my free time. These tricks not only take your website at a great reach but also improves the google ranking that acts as a great support to your blog/page.

These act as a big brother to your website as it links your content or services with their good web pages that make your service look valid and good in the eyes of the search engines.

How to get website traffic instantly?

It works differently for different people but I am sharing my experience of getting website traffic, the way I indulge in getting my websites/blog popular, and use my free time for getting better results. The step by step tools used by me to derive unlimited traffic which is equal to good popularity.

website traffic

  • Getting backlinks

Getting some good quality backlinks is the most important part of off-page SEO, just the way of doing should be accurate and reliable to get website traffic.

We can generate backlinks by simply commenting on websites with good domain authority and page authority, by pasting links of web pages on the high-level website directories.
You will surely get a good number of backlinks.

  • Social media platforms

Social media gives you a wide network to connect with a large diversity of communities and also helps foreign visitors to be familiar with your content/services on your website.

The best and free platform that worked great for me is Facebook, as it involves certain groups that consist of thousands of members, and we can share our web pages on it, get free and valid traffic.

Pinterest is another service provider, on which you can create a business account and will get a wider reach of a large number of readers and visitors, not only this you can also share pins as posts of your website to get the thousand of visitors landing on your page.

  • Constantly stick to the URL submission sites 

Whenever you are posting new content on the web, do submit the URL of the posts on the different search engines and keep a check on its submission.

There are many search engines that can bring visitors for you such as google, yahoo, bing, safari, etc. Anyone of them can be a God for your website traffic and helps in the promotion of your website.

  • Act smart at creating backlinks

Do check DA and PA for the linking website, to get placed on the good results of the search engine. You can also place your posts on the websites, where there is genuine traffic and the visitor of the backlinking site can click your link too.

Recently I have tested this by randomly adding my website link on someone else's page and successfully getting enormous traffic on my content.

  • Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best tools that increase the performance of our content that we have published on our website.
Sharing the web pages or links of the content with a large number of audience can help in the growth and obviously increases the website popularity instantly.

This tool is great in terms of cost and availability as it is an inexpensive way of reaching our content/service to a large number of audiences in one go. 


The takeaway from the content should be crisp and clear, so I will briefly talk about the ways to increase website popularity instantly that would help in increasing the visibility of your content and also gives the content a good google ranking and Alexa ranking.

The developers use many search engine optimization techniques such as on-page SEO and off-page SEO as a free time tool to build promotion and popularity.

Also, some of the other important tools are creating backlinks, social media platforms, e-mail marketing, and constantly stick to URL submission websites.

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