How companies are fooling you with types of false advertising?

How companies are fooling you with types of false advertising?

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Do you know why once a very known and accessible company loses its market value? Why companies lose customers that were once their loyal audience. All these questions have one common answer that is the use of different types of false advertising by business organizations.

As an aware customer, it is one's right to inherit significant information on how companies are fooling you with types of false advertising?

There are millions of companies in this dynamic environment that are giving tough competition to their rivals in the form of their attractive goods and services. And are doing well in the market so as to survive in the long-run because if there are a large number of customers in the market then there are companies too and due to a large number of companies, the businesses are facing huge competition.

So, to manage a good position in the competitive market, business comes up with different types of false advertising as a source of customer attraction and magnetism. Most of the customers blindly trust that attractive marketing and advertising strategy and easily fall into the trap laid by the business companies.

These wrongdoing companies enjoy payback for many years but got caught one day. That builds the main reason why companies lose customers? And at last, to gain back the lost customer's interest as they engaged at customer win-back strategy which cost them ever more than their sales amount.

Giving certain discounts, offers, and rewards are part of the false advertising strategy that brings the customer at their contact for buying the goods and services from them.

It is not that every attractive advertisement is wrong or false but the lineup is that most of them are for fooling customers. After knowing why companies lose customers and what is their customer win-back strategy, you must be known to your real-life experiences related to the goods and services you buys.

Customers stop being a fool

It is well said by the founder of Alibaba-Jack ma

Forget about your competitors, focus only on your customers

Now you will build a new perception for companies as these factors will ascertain you about how companies are fooling you with types of false advertising?

1. Quantity vs price cheat 

types of false advertising

A sachet of shampoo which costs you around ₹3 with a quantity of 7.5 ml and shampoo of the same brand in a 180 ml bottle which costs you ₹140. As an intelligent customer buying a small sachet is the best deal rather than the big bottle as you calculate the price/quantity you will be amazed to find the price difference between the small pack and bottle.

You can notice and compare many cosmetics and eatable brands finally, you will get that small packs are always the cost saver for you. Nobody will ever recognize that business companies are earning so much with these small strategies.

2. False claiming

Another very good example of types of false advertising used by the fairness cream companies. Have you ever seen an individual getting impressive results from these fairness creams but we have seen a large number of users applying these types of creams in search of fairness?

Forgot fairness, these companies are looting people with their attractive and seducing advertisements and depicting that once a dark tone girl got fair in few weeks after applying our Xyz fairness cream.
The fairness cream scam is one of the most common types of false advertising.

3. Creating demand and delivering

Why companies lose customers?

We will take an instance or relate it to our favorite mobile phone brands. The mobile phone companies before launching their new model, publicize it on online websites and portals for advance bookings and the large groups of customers pays the amount before getting the actual product.

Using that amount by the companies as a source of capitalization amount start manufacturing the new models without investing their own money. This strategy is called shadow testing, which creates a demand and then delivers the product from your own money. In these types of sectors, a customer win-back strategy is commonly used because the brands in these sectors easily lost customer loyalty.

4. Hidden terms and messages

As the name suggests hidden terms and messages we find something fishy but this statement is heard by a few of us in which companies telecast their advertisements.

These days insurance companies and finance investing organizations are at peak of the ads telecast on televisions and radio channels while announcing the hidden terms the ad speaker increases the speed of his sound motion for the least attention of the public on it. "Statements are related to market risk and read all statements carefully."

This is one of the very popular types of false advertising that reduces customer interest and at last affected companies have to do tasks valuable for building customer win-back strategy.

5. Building misconceptions in the customer's mind

There are many types of false advertising that builds misconceptions in the mind of customers. There are many health-drink brands that manage to convince a large number of children and their parents at buying their products by claiming the drink is filled with all the essential nutrients and vitamins.

They promote their product through an attractive but fake advertisement that shows after drinking it, the visualized child boosts his growth within one week, or some claim that your child's height will increase within a few weeks.

Increasing height is not a joke, we know that certain products are really helpful but most of them are faking their products by revealing that it contains all nutrients.

These brands also have the potential to mesmerize children by offering free gifts or toys with the product. Buyers, please think wisely because the height would increase with healthy food and physical activeness, not with a false health drink.

How do companies manipulate customers at buying their products?

1.Celebrity/actors influence

The question is in some way related to how companies are fooling you with types of false advertising?

But it is a little more complex, the ultimate answer to this problem is that customers as an audience are more attracted towards celebrities. When people find them on TV promoting a particular brand in the form of products and services. People create a perception in mind that this particular actor is endorsing this brand and perceives that he is also using it.

The viewer of the advertisement becomes the customer for a particular brand and use it until some of his other favorite actors provokes him to buy any other brand through the medium of a TV ad.

A recent example that comes to mind whenever I recall a tv advertisement through celebrity influence, Slice is a mango drink brand that telecasts a recent advertisement in which actress Katrina kaif is giving an opinion related to Slice mango drink and depicting that she loves to drink it. People are more attracted to a beautiful actress influencing them to buy a product.

This is so relatable to practical life, knowing these facts these brands are successful at using different types of false advertisements.

The promotions and marketing are now not only limited to a TV advertisement but their numerous online platforms that are working well as from television people are more moving towards the online platform of buying goods and services.
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2. Emotional marketing

customer win-back strategy

It simply means grabbing people's attention through attaching an emotional message to their advertisement and at times you will recall that as a feeling of happiness, sadness, fear, anger, etc.

A simple example is of coca-cola that keeps on changing its slogan, one of its slogans was open happiness.

That slogan was repeated so many times in the form of advertisement that whenever people think of happiness the image of coca-cola comes in their mind. This is the tactic of emotional advertisement.

3. Fancy attributes and discounts on products

Giving schemes, heavy discounts, and offers really attract customer's willingness to spend. You have seen the stores or showrooms offering discounts or written sales outside their store fascinates girls a lot. Some even say buy one get one free, that is so attractive.

Don't ever think that they are offing your goods or services at a loss to you but they are getting bulk sales that not only clear their unsold stock but also sell their new stock on which they are earning huge margins that become a share of balance to them.

Take away

Learning few facts related to How companies are fooling you with types of false advertising is not enough as there are many marketing and advertising strategies that you will not find written somewhere but automatically develop for your business.

The motive is to aware customers to be alert and doesn't fall into the advertising trap as false advertisements are the answer to why companies lose customers. But the good thing for the business is that they can retain customers by using a customer win-back strategy.

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