Make your local business remarkable

Make your local business remarkable

Make your local business remarkable

Making your business noticed locally is very important as it is the primary step after engaging in a new business outlet. It is right to say that a new startup takes months to grow but along with the passing flow it is crucial to make your local business remarkable.

A local business may be a store where you sell varieties of goods or an office where you are present for serving customers with particular skills and networks. But the main query is how to promote your business locally so that the buyers can easily engage at buying goods or services that you are selling. It is not so easy as you have confronted with wide competition available in the market.

And to serve as a king in the market with your running domain you have to market your business with promotions and get into good rankings of the local listing.

Yes, there are free local business advertising and directories that mark your business locally and can rank with google local business listing for getting searched by the people around.

Let us take help from an example to enlighten how to make your local business remarkable and how to promote your business locally. 

I own a footwear store in one of the markets situated in the center of the city and there are three more footwear stores within a radius of 100 meters. A new customer can visit any of the stores he wanted to, it can be your or any of the other three stores.

But in the second case if I have performed good marketing locally then there is a 90% chance that customers visit my store.
Trust me, I have experienced that marketing and promotions are some of the secret weapons for a businessman. One can win customers very easily but don't forget to retain old customers.

Make your local business remarkable: Free local business advertising

Don't worry if you can't manage with advertising and marketing funds for your business because there are many free local business advertising tools that can add your business under the limelight for generating more loyal customers.

  • List your business in Google local business search
google local business

Google is one of the powerful tools that can mark your business on its list. You can manage your business presence among the top service providers by getting good customer feedback and reviews. Google maps provide the features of locating your business if someone searches for specific goods or services.

Example- Searching for "hotels near me" will list all the local hotels that have listed as a free local business advertising by google. If you get good customer feedback for your goods/services then the new customers will start engaging with your business as everyone loves to served by trusted goods/service providers.

  • Add your local business presence on social media platforms

Building the trust of new customers is very important and is not so easy to be rated amongst the good companies by the customer. Adding your business presence on social media not only builds customer's trust and faith but also gives a free promotion for the goods or services you are providing.

You can even post the description of your business, goods, or service you offer, new schemes and offers, resolve customer queries rated to your domain, etc.

Social media platforms can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The best part is that now all these platforms are designed with business features that gives space to business for listing their goods and services.

  • Check out free local business directories

There are thousands of free business directories that can make your local business remarkable and enlist your business amongst the top sellers and service providers available online. Getting this service for free is a golden opportunity to target the local audience.

Regulating directories by listing your goods and services will surely attract the local customer who is looking for the products that they require at their nearest markets.

 A customer will simply type the particular commodity and the nearest seller will get located automatically if your business is listed as a free local business advertising.

  • Start your blog/Vlog

free local business advertising

Starting a blog related to the business you are dealing with will attract the online visitors to come upon your shop. It is the best and free local business advertising tool that not only gives a free promotion to your business but also increase your business popularity online.

Many of the new startups started by working on the same business model, by getting customers from online blogs and websites.

There are many free platforms on which one can create a blog while some of them charge a minimal fee and provide you a better space of sharing content, images, and videos.

If I talk about Vlog (video blog) that is one of the emerging tools that people are using and it is the best answer to how to promote your business locally?

By sharing videos that include reviewing your goods and services. Sharing trending deals that you are going to offer and disclosing offers or discounts. I have experienced many businesses that are getting valuable responses from Vlog.

  • The traditional approach for promoting the business locally

Some of the traditional approaches still prevail in business and it will perform wonders to make your local business remarkable. Many people have a very strong faith over these traditional approaches such as flyer distribution and poster sticking.

These types of advertisements will charge a very minimal amount if you think you can bear some expenses that can promote your business, then you must grab the opportunities.

 Sharing pamphlets at public places, adding them in newspapers, or sticking posters on permitted places gives great promotions to your business. This does not mean to post false features for your products or services as many companies post many types of false advertisement.

  • List your business at online forums

 There are numerous online forums in which many customers add queries related to goods or services they are in need of. Capturing the local groups with the help of these online forums is a great idea.

As the google local business features, forums have the same attributes which help at creating new customers by assisting them to engage with your business if they want to satisfy the demands.

You can even advise them for free and ask them for more information you can prevail in our service at the location your store or office is located in.

  • Ask customers for feedback

You can ask for online or offline feedback from your customers. Going online there are many free portals that you can connect with your business.  As someone has rightly said that to retain our customers, taking feedback from them is very important.

Feedback will not only help at retaining old customers but will bring new customers from word of mouth. Word of mouth works as a chain or you can say it as a free local business advertising tool that works very effectively at promoting your business offline or increasing website popularity.

Let us explain with the help of an example If you deal with a visitor at your store in a very polite manner and satisfy them at your best. It will build a positive perception of your goods/service in the mind of the customer.

Then the customer will share his/her great experience with others which creates a free promotion to your business not only locally but maybe world wide.

A bad experience for the customer will bring negative promotion or demotion to our business.

  • Sharing coupons and offers

Giving offers or coupons does not mean selling at loss, but it is just to attract customers. If you are selling apparel and you tagged it with a big amount and spread a 60% discount for the customers will definitely seem, customers, that cloths are offered at very low rates.

But actually, it is a selling strategy. You may have experienced many outlets giving coupons after shopping for a certain amount.

All these schemes are to trap customers for buying again. For example, if you shop for Rs. 2000, you will get Rs.500 coupon which you can redeem when you shop for next time. These are very attractive strategies you can use to make your local business remarkable.

Take away

Getting noticed among the local businesses present in the market is not so easy, you have to perform various promotion techniques to make your local business remarkable. For those who don't have any marketing budget can use free local business advertising tools for getting customer attraction.

As answered above about how to promote your business locally by building business blogs and Vlogs, adding to google local business listings, asking for customer feedback, engaging business with various social media platforms, etc. Using these tools for promoting your business locally you will definitely get positive feedback.

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