Matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony

Matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony

Matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony

With the advancement in the use of technology and online platforms by a large number of audiences. People are more attracted to online matrimony for choosing the right soulmate. Seeking their attraction as an opportunity many market players are building their matrimony business model

The matrimony business model such as the Bharat matrimony enables the users to look for the right life partner and select their companion without being present physically.

With the arrival of matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony, it has enabled minimal use of traditional matchmaking practices but securing a valid position by these online platforms is not so easy.

Further, we will be studying marketing strategies of matrimonial sites to know how these online platforms build a great place over the mindsets of audiences.

Do you know that earlier people use to post their marriage proposals in newspapers?

Yes, It still prevails now but to a limited amount. Using that traditional source for publishing proposals is not secure these days because the newspaper posting includes your personal data that can be used by someone in the wrong way.

 On the other hand, companies coming up with the matrimony business model online is more secure and convenient as they support the privacy of their users.

Bharat matrimony business model

Bharat matrimony
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Matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony is a huge network that delivers online matchmaking services for choosing the best soulmate and is also present locally with its offline outlets in different parts of India for its customer support.

The company was founded by Mr. Murugavel Janakiraman in the late nineties with a different name and perspective. The intention behind the launch was to engage a lost connection between the Tamil community.

As Mr. Murugavel was placed as a programmer in the USA, he has lost touch with his family, friends, and the other known ones.

He decided to get in touch with the Tamil community online and come up with a startup idea or matrimony business model named transindia.com in 1997. The website was designed especially for Tamilians for engaging interaction with each other and to know their religion and community well.

Transindia.com provides services such as create new or connect with friends, provides Tamil matrimony platform for interested users, an informative outlook with religious and auspicious dates calendar, book tickets online with linking travel partners, etc.

Yes, initially it was quite difficult for his business plan to get an engaging audience. But with constant hard work, his startup idea builds into a great success, and on the other aspect, he recognizes that his matrimony services got more acceptance that other services offered by his website. Later, he manages to perform many marketing strategies of matrimonial sites for getting recognition.

With more interested customers for the matrimony service, later decided to launch a separate matrimony business model which is now popularly known as Bharat matrimony.

Eventually, he comes with many promotional strategies that he finds attractive to a large number of people to start using his online platform.

Marketing strategies of matrimonial sites

For every business organization whether existing online or offline, using marketing and promotional strategies is a must for building more valuable customers. Transindia.com moving with some of the great strategies that give the online matrimony platform and a communication channel to the Tamil community a huge recognition and manage many happy customers.

These are some of the creative marketing strategies of matrimonial sites that even prevails today and was used by transindia.com during early days-

  • Flyers distribution

Mr. Murugavel used the most popular and cheapest source of promotion for building his business name in the market. At that time he was staying in the USA so he used to distribute the pamphlets to the Indian grocery stores and other outlets that were situated over there. So that Indian's staying in America can engage with his website.

On the other side, he asked his friends for promoting his business in his native place.

  • Getting ranked among the top searches

Building an online business is of no use until it is ranked among the top search results. Search engine optimization (Seo) is a good tool for ranking your services online and is amongst free marketing tools.

Using this strategy for transindia.com gives fruitful results by showing services at the top rankings of popular search engines.

  • Online forums and directories

Forums are the best platform to engage with large communities for free. There are many people who share their interests and capturing those interested audiences as their customers Mr. Murugavel share the links of his online portals and services that he delivers.

With the passage of time and using some of the promotional strategies for the website. Transindia.com manage to build adequate customer support for its different channels but the most favorite service for the audience was online matrimony.

Getting a comparatively more demand for its matrimony services online. Mr. Murugavel turns this opportunity into a matrimony business model and launched Bharat matrimony.

The success of Bharat Matrimony

Providing one of the best online matchmaking experience matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony achieves rapid growth. With a more engaging audience online for choosing the right life partner, the platform was regarded as one of the most trusted websites.

The success is not gifted to Mr. Murugavel but he keeps on improving the website by providing better customer experience every time. Now, starting from a Tamil matrimony platform. The company keeps on expanding its outlook by catering matchmaking needs of all the major communities in India. Listed as-

  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi
  • Kannada
  • Malayalee
  • Marathi
  • Marwadi
  • Oriya
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil
  • Telugu
  • Urdu
  • Assamese
  • Parsi
  • Sindhi

Bharat matrimony beats the traditional approach for finding the right soul mate with its remarkable matrimony business model that provides convince, security and privacy, a time-saving option to a large number of audiences.

I still remember its one of the advertisements that matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony used to telecast on televisions during its early journey.

In which a daughter's father holds a groom's hat (a traditional turban) and places that hat over the head of the man whom he finds right choice for her daughter in front of his daughter.

And she always saw as saying no all the time. Bharat matrimony gives stress on stop running away for looking for a perfect match and instead download the Bharat matrimony application or visit their website.

Such an amazing short film that can't stop the audience from using real-time experience from their matrimony service. With the passage of time, the company builds as more engaging customer platform with its advancement in services-

  • Matrimony mandaps- For choosing the best venue for marriage functions in Tamil Nadu (India).

  • Matrimony photography-Serving photography and videography services.

  • Happy marriages- Guiding newly married couples with tips of staying together as happily married couples.

  • Matrimony Bazaar- Offering discounts from various wedding planners and vendors.

Take away

Choosing a perfect life partner with whom one has to spend the whole life is a critical decision. Thus taking the right decision is crucial and keeping this perspective in mind matrimony business model-Bharat matrimony builds its existence for the convenience and secure support to different communities.

Seeking long term growth in the market using some of the marketing strategies of matrimonial sites is vital for building customer interest and provokes them to use their services.

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