Patanjali started orderme -One of the top startups

Patanjali started orderme -one of the top startups

Patanjali started orderme -One of the top startups
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Patanjali started orderme-one of the top startups in India as an e-commerce platform that would diversify its range from grocery items to supplying organic fruits and vegetables.

Patanjali products are an all-time favorite for those communities who are seeking herbal and natural products as the company clearly justifies we want the countries money to stay in the nation only, rather than buying from foreign companies.

As their motto is to promote swadeshi goods and wanted to secure a good place among the different grocery items and medicines available in the market.

Launching an online application by the company for promoting more customer engagement to its products is a great deal and clearly signifies the success of Patanjali.

As someone has rightly said that the success of a business is measured by its performance in the bad consequences that means how the firms tackle the dynamic environment and come out with a valuable alternative. 

The success of Patanjali is relatable to the above statement as the company comes up with the alternatives of Patanjali stores with an online customer buying platform "orderme".

Patanjali is one of the fast-growing company which deals in all kinds of FMCG products that are totally natural and free from chemicals and harmful substances as claimed by them.

The company is doing hard to diversify Patanjali products worldwide and also engaged in launching new varieties every time. Along with this for the convenience of the local customers, the business has built the Patanjali store in certain areas.

Patanjali orderme application

Orderme is an application-based platform that provides various services to its installers under one unit. Celebrating to the success of Patanjali the application avails only Indian products or the made in India goods that are may or may not be present at your nearby Patanjali stores.

The company is expanding its varieties by launching organic fruits and vegetables that would give a tough challenge to the shopkeepers and the local vendors. Although there is no information regarding the particular nature of green products and their price list the customers are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the new upcoming venture.

Patanjali started orderme -one of the top startups also promised that they will we creating a good number of job opportunities for the Indians by positioning them at various posts.

Using this lockdown period as a golden opportunity the company has launched its new online mode which is beneficial to both company and the chain of farmers.

As the food items are being directly procured from them and ultimately the farmers and the supplier held liable for the quality and price of the food items.

Also learning from the feedbacks of the customers related to its failure in the previous application now gives a new delivery structure to the Patanjali followers by delivering Patanjali products at your doorsteps.

Admitting this lockdown period as a difficult time for customers as they cannot step out in the market for purchasing herbal goods and for getting consultation from the nearest clinics, the company grabs the opportunity of launching this amazing application of orderme which is available 24 by 7 for giving free medical advice from large groups of doctors engaged in this platform.

Unlike the offline market where we have to shop for different goods on the different stores, the orderme has removed the barriers by making the goods and services available under one unit.

Also, availing zero restrictions that are authorities have made mandatory for the citizens to stay at home. We can buy goods and enjoy services in our comfort zones.

Yes, it offers services too, along with free consultation from the 1500 doctors available it also gives you guidance related to yoga, its benefits, and how to actually perform it?

How to install orderme app?

Installing orderme is very easy as it is available on your play store and apple ios of the smartphone users for free. One can bay Patanjali products without looking for the Patanjali stores outside, from their safe zones.

The customers can easily pay from their online platforms such as Paytm, debit cards, online banking, MobiKwik wallet, and get a cash on delivery.

The story behind the success of Patanjali

Patanjali as a business is building great fortunes all because of the name of Baba Ramdev, who is the founder of the company and known as India's yoga guru. 

Initially, he builds his popularity as a yoga trainer in his yog (meditation) center situated in Haridwar (Uttarakhand) and then started with releasing yoga camps at different regions to gain trust among the audience.

After finding the loyal public as a valuable customer he started selling ayurvedic medicines to the group of people who visit it's camp for learning yoga and meditation, also offer them free medical checkups and facilities that made the visitors of the camp turn into loyal customers that were the first move for the success of Patanjali.

This does not mean the business has not struggled, as any other new products that are launched in the market, Patanjali swedge with large ayurvedic competitors.

It was also rejected by many of the regular sellers prevailing in the market but the company did not lose its hope as the founder Baba Ramdev make the people aware and assure the benefits from the use of Patanjali products with the medium of tv channels.

As one of the top startups, Patanjali gets deep public affection and attraction after telecasting yoga, asanas and medicines on televisions that generate great promotion to his name and then he introduces the viewers with his co-partner Bal Krishan who carries a deep insight related to plants and it's used as medicines and natural remedies.

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Later he introduces will all the valuable medications at his Patanjali store among the other Patanjali products. Now to run the company successful in this fast-moving world he started his ayurvedic brand "Patanjali" in the market as the Patanjali store and then launched the recent online platform named orderme.

orderme app

The success of Patanjali which is turned to a multinational company and known for Patanjali products is all because of strategic business planning. The planning starts from capturing the market interest and building loyalty then after gaining popularity using that audience to turn in potential customers.

Patanjali started orderme-one of the top startups that were part of a planned strategy that Baba Ramdev used, although the business has already started with its e-commerce platform named Patanjali Ayurved but to transform this online mode to a wider perspective they come up with Orderme.

In very few years Patanjali products manage to capture a large diversity from the nation and rewarded as one of the most trusted brands among the list of FMCG products.

Take away

Our learnings from the success of Patanjali is endless, we get to know how attaining small goals can make you achieve great achievements. Starting from a yoga trainer to free medicines, Patanjali products, and then a chain of Patanjali stores.

Finally, Patanjali started orderme -one of the top startups for generating more valuable customers online. Accordingly, the learning from the study of Patanjali is that it always tries to make a change as per the dynamic environment and contribute to its growth after satisfying customers' needs at its best.

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