Celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples

Celebrity endorsement

Advertising is a crucial part of our marketing campaigns. And celebrity endorsement works as a convincing advertisement that influences a large number of people. It is simply an advertising technique in which a celebrity or a reputed personality is shown as a user of a particular product or service owned by a brand.

Don't get confused with the statement as we are here to guide you with complete celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples. You have seen advertisements on tv, newspaper, internet, or magazines in which your favorite celebrity is holding a product and depicting as a user of it. Let us glance at these celebrity endorsement examples.

Celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples

It can be a pair of shoes that your ideal celebrity is wearing and running like an energetic athlete or your favorite actress catches your attention by picturizing her as miss world by applying a fairness cream. These tricks play well at enticing viewers and drive them at buying a particular product or service marketed by a company.

As our topic celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples, we will be picturizing some of the famous brands known for their celebrity acceptance for advertising.

With the arrival of more competition in the market, celebrity endorsement becomes a part of brand promotion. Due to which it is seen a drastic rise in celebrity acceptance in various advertisements. The main reason behind celebrity endorsement in advertising is not only to boost the sales of the brand but to create a positive image of the brand as the image is directly associate with the celebrity who is promoting it.

Example- You are familiar with an actor who is known for his physique and fitness. And when he promotes a protein drink for building muscles in the form of an advertisement. You would believe that this drink might be a secret behind his muscular body and buy that drink as it associates you with that actor. This is one of the most common forms of celebrity endorsement examples.

But, clearly saying that buying those products only because your favorite celebrities are provoking it is not a fair sense of buying.

Key benefits of celebrity endorsement

As our topic is headed as celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples. So, we will be exhibiting some of the prime benefits that would assist us in understanding the topic clearly.

Celebrity endorsement

Improves brand recognition

Selling products and services locally or having a low recognition for your brand leads to fewer sales and influence in the market. Using celebrity endorsement advertising techniques plays a vital role in improving your brand image and positioning your brand among the top brands.

Celebrities can influence the audience

The celebrities can be actors, reputed people, or sportsperson. Being famous in society they have the power to influence the audience and provoke them to buy your products or services with their remarkable act in advertisements. Even the customer's attitude towards the brand can be changed with the great appeal of celebrities.

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Improves sales of the company

Seeing high profile celebrities as the user of the goods or services market by the brand would definitely attract more customers to buy it. As a result, it improves the sales of the company. Example- Seeing Indian Bollywood actress Katrina kaif advertising on tv, claiming that it is the thickest mango drink and pushing to try that drink. It really influences the buyers at buying those products that are market well.

Boost attention towards the brand

People love to keep an eye on celebrities and blindly follow them. Even the kids make out a choice of their favorite cartoons and want the products that are acted by those virtual cartoons. This is one of the usual celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples so, the celebrity endorsement boosts attention towards the brand.

Creates a positive impact over the audience

People seeing a famous tv star or a sportsman, advertising a brand can easily perceive that this brand will be delivering good products. Example- Our India's well-known cricketer Virat Kholi, earlier use to advertise for Pepsi and it definitely creates an effective impact over his followers.

Though, he later withdrawal his association with Pepsi because he is a fit athlete and always wanted people to stay fit. So, keeping health and fitness first, he quit being one of the celebrity endorsement examples for unhealthy food and fizzy drinks.

Celebrity endorsement examples

We got an overview of celebrity endorsement but winding up with the topic of celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples. Some impactful illustrations are necessary.

celebrity endorsement examples

We two popular Indian celebrity endorsement examples, as India is one of the top nations in which brands partner with celebrities for marketing their goods and services.

Pan Bahar (paan masala)- Pierce Brosnan

Pan Bahar is a tobacco selling company in the form of powder called paan masala in India. They telecast a tv advertisement with Pierce Brosnan, known as the James bond. He successfully launched the advertisement and happily depicting as a consumer to paan masala.

Many people trolled him in social media and online platforms and he ran into a controversy. After seeing the haters he mentioned that he was not aware that paan masala is a harmful product. This was one of the most popular celebrity endorsement examples that got famous worldwide.

Celebrities represent the face of our society and they should not involve in advertisements that are harmful to people.

Nestle Maggi - Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, and Preity Zinta

Maggi is the 2 minutes noodle brand that was advertised by some of the famous Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, and Preity Zinta.

In the year 2015, all three were dragged into controversy because Maggi was tested unsafe to consume as it contains a high level of monosodium glutamate in it. Eventually, Maggi comes up with safe instant noodles for their consumers.

Take away

Most people buy products and services after associating it with famous celebrities. Though, they are not familiar that celebrity endorsement is a clever advertising technique. This does not mean that all brands that go for celebrity endorsement are unsatisfactory or harmful.

We have tried our best to aware our readers with celebrity endorsement in advertising with examples. Reading some of our controversial illustrations does not mean all the celebrity endorsement examples are bad.

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