Ambush marketing strategies and types of ambush marketing

Ambush marketing strategies

Ambush marketing strategies and types of ambush marketing

The business world is very competitive and dynamic. And for creating a vital presence by the brands in the market, many companies go for Ambush marketing. We will be discussing the ambush marketing strategies and types of ambush marketing after creating a vivid image of this marketing technique used by the companies.

Ambush marketing is a strategy used the brands for getting attention in the public eye without committing to a financial burden. It is usually acted by the rival companies in the sponsor events by creating an impression that they are subsidizing the event but actually not associated with the event.

This can be an initial stage of brand wars between competitive companies. As every competition has a good or a bad impact so, we will also be stressing more on ambush marketing pros and cons

Ambush marketing is widely used at sports events, which is the right place to capture a large number of the audience without being formally associating with the event. The non-sponsored brand tries to confuse the audience by stealing their attention and generating a spotlight for its brand. Let us gain insight with the help of the following example-

In a cricket match which is been sponsored by Pepsi after all the legal formalities and the other competitive soft drink brand, coca-cola uses ambush marketing strategies and tries to create attention among the audience by branding with its company's logo at the pathway and distributing free coca-cola t-shirts as a printed jersey with its logo on it. Not inside but outside the stadium.

People wearing coca-cola t-shirts in the Pepsi sponsored event would not only get enticed with the coca-cola brand but also precisive it as a sponsoring brand for the event. Even the viewers who are watching cricket on tv interpret coca-cola as an official sponsor when they watch the audience wearing coca-cola t-shirts.

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Types of ambush marketing

There are mainly 4 different types of ambush marketing with the different ambush marketing strategies that work as a crucial tool for the promotion of brands.

Trademark Infringement

Trademark Infringement

Trademark infringement is one of the commonly used ambush marketing strategies that create confusion in the minds of the customers. In this type of marketing technique, the competitor infringes on the trademark by using the logo, tagline, slogan, or design of the brand which is officially sponsoring the event.

The main aim behind this is unethical practice is not to violate the rules of the trademark but to attain customer attention by preventing spend on events. There are many ways by which the companies can promote their brands within the infringement boundaries.

Such as instead of copying the logo or the tagline, the attention can be attained by creating a duplicate theme for the event that can relate the ambushing brand as an official sponsor for the event.

Self ambushing

It is one of the best ambush marketing strategies and types of ambush marketing that works on an approach of grabbing the opportunity. When an official sponsor has decided to fund the event and provide various goodies to the participants, you can grab the opportunity by finding the missing activities that are not been subsidized by the sponsoring brand.

Example- let's say Adidas is the official sponsoring brand that is providing the players with jersey and other sports equipment that are required for the event and then you saw that shoes are not been sponsored, you are self ambushing by giving free shoes to the players for the event that would not only market your product but also creates a perception into the viewer's minds that your brand might be sponsoring the whole event.

Coattail ambushing

Coattail ambushing is a very effective technique that involves your brand's association with the event and the good part is that you don't have to sponsor the whole event but there are many sponsoring partners for marketing and promoting their brands in different ways.

It is widely used at big events such as Olympics and commonwealth games which run with the combination of various sports events. 

You can fund the branding of a specific event, which will cost less but the criteria are choosing a particular event smartly. Although ambush marketing pros and cons are present so, coattail may not be 100% successful for you.

Example- After research, you get to know that archery is the event that people loved watching worldwide. Working smartly you fund the whole archery event would be very beneficial.

Predatory Ambushing

Predatory ambushing

Predatory ambushing simply works on an approach that creates a seen of uncertainty for the visitors at the event. This case is relatable with the example that we discussed at the beginning. 

An event of a cricket match which was sponsored by Pepsi but the coca-cola used predatory ambush marketing strategies for confusing the audience with the official sponsor for the event.

This technique worked as a misleading approach that creates an impact on the perception of the viewers and the audience that are present at the event.

With the predatory ambushing, it creates an impression that the event may be sponsored by the other company rather than the original subsidizing party.

Ambush marketing pros and cons

For studying a detailed direction about this marketing technique, it is very crucial to know ambush marketing pros and cons.


  • It is a cost-friendly approach that works on the promotion and marketing of our brand from a wider perspective.

  • It is more amusing and creative than the regular television advertisement.

  • It helps at changing consumer perception about our brand.

  • It is a very flexible and innovative way to capture a large number of customers as one of the types of ambush marketing strategies.


  • Violating the trademark of any brand may lead to a negative impact on your brand name.

  • Ambush marketing is widely dependent on events for marketing and promotion of your brand.

  • It may lead to some adverse effects rather than popularizing your business.

  • Some of the ambush marketing strategies are considered unethical.

Take away

The ambush marketing was given by marketing strategist Jerry Welsh. It is a practice that associates a competitor brand with the official partner without being legally bound in a sponsor agreement. We have discussed above ambush marketing strategies and types of ambush marketing with the relating ambush marketing pros and cons.

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