Guerrilla marketing ideas and types of Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing 

Guerrilla marketing ideas and types of Guerrilla marketing
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Before getting deep into guerrilla marketing ideas and types of guerrilla marketing let's understand the meaning of this marketing strategy.

Guerrilla marketing is a unique advertising technique that focuses on grabbing people's attention in a form of surprise or an uncommon interaction with the brand. With the help of this strategy, a brand can cater to a large audience at a cheaper cost.

You might have seen public benches wrapped with Kit-Kat label over them or yellow color zebra crossing painted by MC-Donalds for surprizing audience with highly imaginative guerrilla marketing ideas.

These creative promotions of the logos hit the minds of the audience that motivates them to avail of goods or services from that particular brand. Yes, many attractive methods may have some side-effects so we will also be discussing guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages along with types of guerrilla marketing.

There are millions of brands worldwide and it is very difficult to create an impression for your brand in the mind of customers. And guerrilla marketing is known as very impactful in terms of enticing a large number of people with positivity about your brand name.

You will get surprised after knowing that guerrilla marketing is not only favorable for large companies but the small businesses can also adopt these tactics and can build their market presence locally and even capture audiences throughout the nation.

I have seen many local shopkeepers who are boosting their sales and turned into well-known companies by using guerrilla marketing and advertising.

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I have got one of the famous guerrilla marketing ideas that worked well for many small business entrants such as for the shoe retailer- one can hang a big shoe outside its store. For the sweets store, you can hang a big candy outside the store, these tricks look very attractive to the people in the market and strike their mind for a visit.

Types of guerrilla marketing

Let's take a look at guerrilla marketing ideas and types of guerrilla marketing-

  • Ambush marketing- Ambush marketing strategies works on a concept of the confusing audience gathered at an event. When a company sponsors an event by undertaking all the formalities and bearing the cost of the event then the competitor companies associate them as a sponsor to the audience without lifting financial burdens.

With the help of this technique, competitors got success at promoting their brands in front of the big crowd without bearing expenses. Example- Pepsi is an official sponsor of an event but Coca-Cola is engaged at branding the nearby hoardings and confusing people with the official sponsor of the event.

  • Ambient marketing- It refers to the technique of putting advertisements at uncommon places where the people find it easy at remembering the ad's lifetime. Instead of placing ads on hoardings and billboards sticking branding labels at unusual places is a very unique and creative concept that builds great customer attention.

I was amazed to see a wristwatch company using bus handles for popularizing its brand. The handle was made with some rubber material and the actual watch print printed on it with the brand's message that influence travelers on the bus about the brand. All these attractive tactics signify the importance of Guerrilla marketing ideas and types of Guerrilla marketing. 

  • Grassroots marketing- Grassroots marketing is one of the inexpensive types of guerrilla marketing that focuses more on building customer relationships for the long-term perspective. It totally works on the efforts that you are putting on your own for generating organic visitors for your company.

The aim is to win customers by serving them better and satisfying their needs so that they stay committed to our business. Further, there are different types of grassroots marketing such as word of mouth, adding our products and services on social media, offering sample products, etc.

  • Experiential marketing- Creating a good customer experience will not only popularize your brands but would help at creating loyal customers by creating great memories. Experiential marketing not only gives a trail to the customers about the products or the services about also promote your brand's name.

You might have seen many brands offering trails and experience by launching their experiential campaigns. Some of them are Samsung, offering VR experience when introduced for the first time for building customer attention.
Many cosmetic companies give a freebie or a one time put on experience for their products. All these are part of experiential marketing.

  • Wild posting- Wild posting is a type of guerrilla marketing that involves placing posters at different crowded locations where it is more likely noticeable. The creativity, catchy colors and textures find wild posters more appealing than that of simple posters placed at public-friendly locations.

This is a cost-friendly marketing technique that engages more customers to reach with a great approach. Now, let's move to guerrilla marketing ideas that help us at giving a better approach to the topic.

The heart winning Guerrilla marketing ideas

We will be sharing some of the widely used and experienced ideas as a part of guerrilla marketing ideas and types of guerrilla marketing-

  • Art attack- Looking for easy customer attraction ideas then grab the chalk and create your logo or the brand message on the paths and public walls. It is a type of unconventional outdoor promotion that is cost-friendly. But, don't forget to take permission from the authorities.

  • Flash mob- Running a glamorous flash mob by the artists can work as a promotive message about your brand. You can create a theme and decide an attire that helps at representing and creates a memory for the viewers seeing it.

  • Act big-This is one of my favorite guerrilla marketing ideas based on a one-time investment. If you are running a candy shop, hanging a big artificial candy can work wonders for the promotion of your store. This is not only for candy stores but any of the stores like for apparel, shoes, restaurants, cafes, etc.

  • Special vending machines- These are special types of vending machines that are run by big companies. These machines work on an interaction with the audience to create a rememberable experience as a part of unique guerrilla marketing ideas.

Coca-cola used this kind of strategy very well by locating special vending machines at malls and near crowded marketplaces. And the game is to copy the animation, to dance, or perform different activities that the machine wanted from the user. The winner will be given a free coke.

  • Running brand labeled vehicles- The goods loading-trucks owned by the companies are fully branded by the label of the company. This is a good guerrilla marketing tactic that helps at building customer attraction.

You might have seen live or not the internet that the famous chocolate company mars perform this marketing campaign by fully covering its truck with the wallpaper of its brand MARS.

Guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages

guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages

Every strategy or technique has some pros and cons. So, we will be discussing guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is a cost-effective technique for generating public attraction to our brands.

  • It helps in creating more customer retention.

  • This leads to a large number of customer engagement for the brand due to word of mouth.

  • Using guerrilla marketing ideas and types of guerrilla marketing can be more memorable.


  • Will not get positive results instantly but need to have the patience for a long time period.

  • No guarantee about the success of your marketing campaign.

Take Away

Our topic was Guerrilla marketing ideas and types of guerrilla marketing and we tried to make it easier for our readers by disclosing valid guerrilla marketing ideas and, guerrilla marketing advantages and disadvantages, types of guerrilla marketing. Do comment on your reviews.