Types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds

E-commerce frauds

Types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds

With the rise of the internet, e-commerce is becoming an emerging sector these days. People are more attracted to buying goods or services from their comfort zones but most of the alluring amenities have major drawbacks with it. Along with the growth of the e-commerce sector, it has provoked types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds.

The ease of buying products online in this busy world has invited data breaching, identity theft, and online fraud. Staying aware and knowledgeable is the best way to stop ourselves from being a victim of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds.

Don't worry we are here to guide you mastery over e-commerce and debit card frauds along with the types of debit card frauds that are carried out by sellers and buyers as well.

Let's begin with a brief overview of e-commerce followed by types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds. E-commerce is a type of virtual platform that involve buyers to buy goods and services without going to the physical market place. There are thousands of e-commerce platforms that are active with their worldwide and local services for the customers.

They are serving their customers directly through their online portals and websites. And some of the major e-commerce players are Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart, etc.

It is not consistent that only hackers are behind the different types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds. But, many of the new e-commerce companies or untrusted service portals, even a few customers are involved in some wrong deeds such as misleading offers, overcharging, payment fraud, and identity thefts. We can prevent these frauds by buying from trusted websites.

I have seen many of my friends losing their money after shopping from the wrong e-commerce websites, just after seeing products listed at cheaper rates. These fraud companies use some of the widely used social media platforms for advertising their portals and after receiving some orders followed by prepayments they shut down with no product delivery.

There are thousands of such scams reported by the people but no one would get their money back. Now let us move on with a detailed review of types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds.

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Types of e-commerce frauds

Types of e-commerce frauds

We have listed the different types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds done by buyers and sellers.

Online companies identity frauds-Many of the fake website operators or online sellers build a fake online platform that displays dummy products at a cheaper price as compared to that of other trusted players available online.

People land at these sites from various advertisements placed on social media. Also, it is very difficult to detect the forgery as customers easily place the orders by paying with online payment options and after getting a large number of orders from different people, the online seller will get disappear without fulfilling the orders received.

Creating a duplicate website or web page-This one of the common type of e-commerce frauds at that is quite difficult to detect by the people. As the fraudsters develop a duplicate website or page that is at most relatable to some trusted e-commerce website.

Only when you find its URL, you will get to know the actual story. This type of faking is common with Amazon. Being a trusted website many of the scammers build a look-alike page or website that looks similar to amazon. People seeing it as amazon's website blindly share their personal information (credit and debit card details) or even place their order from it without being aware that it is a fraud.

Excess charges at the time of payment- Various online e-commerce frauds are based on overcharges that are deducted when you pay by debit or credit cards. Example- while placing the order, the amount shown by the seller was $50 and while you move for the final payment. They deduct more than the shown price, which can be $52-$55.

Payment refund fraud- In this type of e-commerce fraud and debit card fraud, the spammer uses stolen card information for buying goods online and then ask for a refund for the products bought by him.

He asks them to refund the amount against any other account claiming that his card(debit/credit) is expired.

Friendly payment fraud- As named friendly, it is really friendly cheating on sellers. In this type of e-commerce fraud, the buyer buys from an e-commerce platform but false claim that he has not bought any product but his card is stolen.

He acts like, his credit card is used by someone else and he has no information about the product bought but actually received the product and claims for initiating a chargeback.

Types of debit card frauds

Types of debit card frauds

Check out the listed types of debit card frauds that would suggest you at being cautious and careful while using debit card transactions.

Data capturing at ATMs- You might you using your ATM cards frequently, whenever out of cash. But, do you know that some of the fraudsters can steal your data without your knowledge. They can attach any of the devices which are created for stealing data of the customers at the ATMs. Using that data they can steal your money.
The tip is to check the surrounding of the ATM machine, whether any device is attached to it or not.

Debit card trapping- The ATM machines may attach any card trapping device that prevents your card from being swipe back from the machines. And your card got stuck within the machine that can be further released by the fraudster himself.

Online shopping from non-trusted networks- People buying products online from the fake online stores that they find very attractive but are not aware that they can face issues related to data breaching and online fraud.

One should avoid sharing personal information with non-trusted platforms that include their debit card information. Rather go for cash on delivery or buy from a trusted network.

Take away

As we have discussed the types of e-commerce frauds and debit card frauds. You might get an overview of the types of debit card frauds that would help you at being cautions whenever buying online or using ATMs.

We are not defaming any company or e-commerce sector but want to guide our readers to be aware and informative about the wrong deeds and frauds.

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