Urban Company business model and marketing strategy

Urban Company

Urban Company business model and marketing strategy
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Urban Company earlier known as UrbanClap is a home service provider that works as an online platform featuring convenient services at your doorstep. It gives a bundle of services ranging from a carpenter to technician. Today we are here to discuss the Urban Company business model and marketing strategy of this successful startup, building many happy customers.

Urban Company business model works on an algorithm of introducing clients with the professionals listed on their online application. Their working is very simple, for example- if you own a beauty parlor and find it convenient to serve customers at their home then Urban Company is there for you. You can add your beautician service at their application and whenever any client chooses for the service, you can take the charge.

I don't know whether you have heard of their services but Urban Company marketing strategy is improving day by day for creating their presence in the customer's mind. Let us gain complete insight into their business model followed by the Urban Company business model and marketing strategy.

Urban Company business model

The Urban Company business model was launched by Abhiraj Bhal, Varun Khaitan, and Raghav Chandra in the year 2014. They launched this business in the form of an online service provider after seeing a demand for the different services in India. The services include instructors, repair agents, carpenter, plumbers, beauticians, etc.

Their application has such a user-friendly interface that not only buyers find it easy to get services online but the service providers can also be listed on their application without any hassle. Also one of the major benefits is that the customers do not have to visit the marketplace in search of these services but get a wide range of services under one spot.

The Urban Company business model generates revenue from the lead generation and commission charged from the listed professionals/service providers.

Urban Company business model

Commission-based earnings- The main revenue is produced from the commission charging system. This platform gives space to the service providers for showcasing their skills. And after professionals deliver their service to the clients. The commission is charged from them that maybe 10% to 20% as per the type of service.

Lead generation- Relying on a small percentage of commission form the small service providers was not worth it. People who are looking for big services providers for interior designing, marriage photography, or professional training, Urban Company serve them by introducing with experts and charges a heavy amount from the professionals for providing them a lead.

At the beginning of their journey, their focus was to gain customer trust rather than generating revenue from their service portal. And now Urban Company is known for its services across 4 different countries after opting for effective Urban Company marketing strategy such as advertisements and online marketing.

After a few readings, we will be talking about the Urban Company marketing strategy and how these strategies worked wonders for this online service offering portal.

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Urban Company existence and current scenario

The company is serving its customers through the application and website, people can easily reach to their offerings by choosing any of the options. You can also register as a professional and can showcase your expertise at nearby locations.

But, if you are a service provider/professional then you must be knowing that the Urban Company business model has the right to terminate you from their listings for certain reasons. Now, getting back to the topic that represents its existence and scenario as part of the Urban Company business model and marketing strategy.

As discussed above the company is delivering its services at 4 different countries. India is leading with a big share for the revenue of Urban Company as it is linked with 18 different cities ranging from Delhi to Bangalore. And also earned its existence at four different international cities including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney.

Earlier, Urban Company was known as UrbanClap and recently it has changed its name but still known as its old name by some of the old clients.

Urban Company marketing strategy

Urban Company marketing strategy

In this competitive market, coming up with the promotion and marketing strategy for the business is very crucial. Being one of the unique business startup company Urban Company marketing strategy is very effective and productive. 

Going with the Urban company business model and marketing strategy, getting an insight into the tactics of the business is prime. Check out some of the strategies-

TV advertisements- Urban Company uses tv advertisements to target a large number of audience and promote their services. They try to turn the viewers into their clients with the medium of relatable advertisements on television. I remember one of its latest advertisements in which they try to depict that people can use their services in this covid pandemic situation by showing that their services are safe.

Online advertisements- Online advertisements are very constructive as there are billions of users on the internet using social media. The urban company uses google ads, Facebook ads, and youtube ads for marketing their business.

Instagram network- For promoting the Urban company business model, it uses the Instagram network by posting content that attracts a large number of people online.

Take away

Catering the demands of the customers is very effective for the long term growth of the business. Urban Company giving convenient online services to its clients turn their startup idea into a successful Urban Company business model.

In a short span of time Urban company marketing strategies managed to build a wide customer reach with more than 5 million happy customers. If you have any doubts related to the Urban company business model and marketing strategy do comment.

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