Attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul

Amul is a famous Indian brand which is known for its dairy products. Its offering is not only limited domestically but it is serving in more than 40 countries worldwide. This is all because of its cooperation with Indian farmers and the leading marketing strategy of Amul.


And we will talk about the attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul that helped at lifting the growth of this company and deliver success. Now, before moving on with cooperative marketing we must be having some brief knowledge about how Amul started?

Amul started as a cooperative association which was responsible for milk distribution in Gujrat, India. It was framed by a legal association so that farmers can sell milk without involving middlemen and can earn an adequate amount of profits.

Later Dr. Verghese Kurien was hired as a chairman who got successful at promoting its products by using a better positioning and marketing strategy of Amul. And worked hard at showcasing this brand in the stores of the foreign markets.

So, coming to our topic related to the attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul. Cooperative marketing is a strategic technique that aims at involving the producers (who have created the product) and the consumers (who are ultimate buyers of the product) by eliminating the existence of middlemen.

Amul was really benefited from this type of marketing strategy as it directly buys from a large number of farmers and pays them a comparatively better amount as compared to other suppliers. And then process that milk into packets and also create many other dairy products such as curd, butter, cheese, ice-creams, etc for consumers.

This strategy creates a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers. As farmers got a secured platform for selling their products and consumers are getting quality milk products from a trusted brand.

Marketing strategy of Amul

Running a business in a competitive market requires hard work and strategic marketing. Amul being an old brand is very famous for its milk products in the eyes of Indian customers. But, for improving its reach internationally Amul has to promote its products vigorously.

Although, the products offered by this brand are getting a good customer reach and sales response with the help of following marketing strategies of Amul-

Trending Ad. campaigns

Why I am saying trending? It is because Amul launches campaigns using its girl character cartoon who showcase the latest trends and news in an attractive format.

These attractive advertisements are seen over newspapers, magazines, and social media in which the cartoon girl is not only updating us with the latest trend but also promoting Amul. This is a very unique and responsive way of building customers' attention.

Product innovation

Product innovation is a prime marketing strategy of Amul. It keeps on adding transformation to its products as per the market trends. Such as, it introduces tulsi milk and ginger milk to fight with the current pandemic situation and boost your immunity as a part of innovation.

It is not only known for its product modification but updating its working model. Example- Amul has launched a scheme for the entrepreneurs who wanted to go with milk business by financing them easy loan facilities.

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Product segmentation

Amul has segmented its product line as per different age groups and nature of use. If we talk about the attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul, it had partnered with different farmers for getting different milk produce.

Amul offers different types of milk such as skimmed milk for the consumers buying low-fat milk, flavored milk for children, full cream milk for the individuals wanted to gain weight.

So, there are product segments for its offerings which are not only limited to milk but also with most of its milk products such as lassi, curd, etc.

Customer-centric advertisements on TV

Amul using customer-centric advertisements that build trust and authenticity for its brand. Being customer-centric means grabbing customer's attention by linking a connection with them.

Example- when Amul advertises its milk on tv, it plays a jingle that sounds " Amul doodh peeta hai India". By this marketing strategy of Amul, the customer would relate it as India's milk and attach their emotions with the brand.

Cooperative marketing

At the beginning of our reading, we read a few lines about the attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul. Let us disclose the complete strategy of cooperative marketing used by this company.

Amul builds its reach with the cooperation of farmers who were earlier exploited by the middlemen. But, this milk serving company breaks this traditional approach by buying milk directly from farmers and paying them.

Now, they have transformed their cooperative approach by paying the farmers as per their produce, which means they are now offered a quality card for milk and paid as per their milk quality directly into their accounts.

By this the milk is categorized as per its quality and customers can buy as per their want.

Take away

We got to know many facts and update our learning from Amul's working model. And got an insight into the marketing strategy of Amul followed by the attractive cooperative marketing strategy of Amul.

You can ask your queries in the comments, we will try to reach your doubts as soon as possible.

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