Strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success

Reliance Jio telecom

Reliance jio telecom

Reliance Jio is one of the biggest telecom players in India, that is serving billions of customers. It was not easy for any new player to capture India's telecom sector. So, Mukesh Ambani launched Jio with a tremendous masterplan that turned into a great success.

For getting an insight into this finest planning, we will study strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success. This began with a short story that traces Reliance Jio success in India and strategy analysis of Reliance Jio.

Mukesh Ambani, India's well-known businessman entered into telecom sector by introducing Jio in the year 2015 in India. The launch was so remarkable that millions of customers switched to Jio by leaving behind the other telecom service providers. The reason behind this new network being so attractive to the people was FREE SIM for 6 months.

Yes, Reliance Jio launched an appealing offer of free 4G internet connectivity with a calling feature for a period of 6 months. This scheme turned many customers subscribe to it, leaving behind the other 2G and 3G networking companies like Vodafone, Idea, and Airtel.

The charge-less sim that was giving 1GB 4G internet data/day with free voice calling service that turned many customers into subscribers, which was a tactic of Mukesh Ambani as he was working with a long-term ambition of creating a large number of users for Jio. And for living this dream he invested 1500 billion which was twice the combined investment of Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea.

But, the best part that we gained from strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success is with the popularization of this network in India many people who were earlier not connected to any internet service. They switched to this network for attaining a free offer. With this India become among the top 10 countries using internet services.

Strategy analysis of Reliance Jio

We have listed some of the top strategies opted by Reliance Jio that turned into a big success.

Break the market price with attractive offers

This step is one of the best tactics used by Mukesh Ambani as a part of the strategy analysis of Reliance Jio. Cutting the market price by launching free sims initially for 6 months and then launching attractive discounts for its data plans is a really attractive option that boosts the number of users for their network.

Target more at customers rather than generating revenue

Mukesh Ambani target more at building large customer base and subscribers initially by giving freebie and gradually increasing the prices of its plans for internet services. It is also said that Jio manages to reach 50 million subscribers after only 83 days of its launch in India. This clearly depicts his customer building strategy that worked well.

First to launch fiber optical network in India

Coming up with the advanced fiber network technology is the secret behind the strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success. While the other network companies were bound to use outdated networks offering 2G and 3G services, this communication network captured the market with its high-speed internet that enables users to download and access to high-speed surfing.

Recovering the investment that was infused in the business

This is a take-away strategy of Reliance that we must learn. Mukesh Ambani infuses a big investment in the telecom sector without thinking of the return outcome but invested after creating a full-proof master plan. Reliance got the recovery for its investment in telecom by introducing cheap and attractive plans that initiate the recovery.

Offering data-centric plans in India

The other three telecom giants that were present in India were targeted more towards voice calling plans and also listed with some expensive internet data plans. Those expensive data plans were offering a low-speed internet facility of 2G and 3G networks.

With the successful entry of Reliance Jio, all the subscribers to these low-speed internet providers got attracted to Jio. This offers data-centric plans which means giving an enticing data plan at a low price that will be covering voice calling in it, which were better and cheaper than that of other telecom companies running in India.

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Reliance Jio success

Mukesh Ambani was confident that his telecom company will achieve a big success in the nation where people are moving more towards the internet. And offering attractive internet plans at a low cost turned his master-plan to a big winning.

As per the strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success, Mukesh played tactfully as first he captured more and more subscribers by giving freebie for six months with 1GB data, which is more than enough. When he finds that people are now addicted to using 1GB/day then he calls for the paid plans that people have to buy.

Mukesh Ambani admits that his telecom sector is one of the most profitable segments for his entire Reliance industries. So, he never stopped he always appreciates innovation as prime and launched many other products as a part of Reliance Jio success.

The products were Jiofi, which is a portable Wifi that runs with the same plans as that of our cellular network and 1st 4G phone that costs Rs. 1500 which is relatively very low as compared to other 4G compatible phones in the market. Jio fiber that is a high-speed broadband service. But, It's not the end Mukesh Ambani is still in the process of launching more advancement in technology and telecom that is a crucial part of strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success.

Although his telecom sector is giving a great response to Mukesh but still he is spending a good amount for the marketing and promotion of Jio. The company's logo is branded with the IPL (Indian premier league) jerseys of all the teams playing in the cricket tournament. That creates valuable promotion for Jio.

Also, appointed Shah Rukh Khan who is India's one of favorite Bollywood actor as a brand ambassador for customer attraction and marketing. And partner with any smartphone companies.

Take away

Reliance Jio turned into one of the widely used telecom networks in India with Mukesh Ambani's great ambition and long term approach. Today, we read some of these remarkable techniques and strategy analysis of Reliance Jio success.

Some of the important tactics that turned Reliance Jio success startling are targeting more at customers rather than earning revenue and Mukesh Ambani's approach of introducing data-centric plans in India as a part of strategy analysis of Reliance Jio.

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