Top 10 experiential marketing examples

Experiential marketing

Experiential marketing is a very attractive form of promotion strategy that is adopted by various business organizations for engaging more customers. You can say it a trail event or gathering in which the seller gives a brand experience for its goods or services to people. As it engages a valuable interaction between the consumers and organizers it is also called engagement marketing.

Top 10 experiential marketing examples

Today we will be reading about the top 10 experiential marketing examples that will give a detailed insight into this unique business strategy along with the benefits associated with it. We will also get familiar with brands that have opted for this approach within experiential marketing examples.

Let us begin with the meaning first, what is experiential marketing?  

It simply means providing a memorable and special experience to the people by exhibiting the features, needs, and the attributes of the products or services. It also broadens the views of the consumers regarding goods or services offered by the seller at an event.

Example- You might have seen or eaten free sample eatables that are showcase in shopping malls or grocery stores. These free eatables are an example of experiential marketing, where the brands allow customers to taste their servings and buy from them if they like. This also works as a survey for the companies for judging the opinion of the customers and their experience after eating it.

This strategy allows customers to build a positive perception about the brands, that might not be positive earlier. So, let's jump into our main topic that is the top 10 experiential marketing examples.

Top 10 experiential marketing examples

We have listed some of the common and relatable experiential marketing examples that would assist you with a better understanding. These examples are used by various reputed business organizations and famous brands.


Apple is a famous smartphone brand that owns a large number of stores all over the world. Being so famous worldwide they are big adopters of experiential marketing. If you visit their store they have displayed all of their gadget range for visitors to experience the features and attributes of their products. The all the gadgets ranging from their iPhone to mac book are showcased to building a remarkable memory for the visitors.

Apple experiential marketing

Apart from the casual interactions and engagement of customers at Apple stores, the company also organizes various events. These events allow the customers to explore the new features they have introduced in their products by experiencing it.


Coca-cola is a well-known brand that is famous for its next level marketing and promotional techniques. It has opted for most of the strategies for earning a reputed name. There are various experiential marketing campaigns of coca-cola that turned into big success for the company and engage valuable customers all over the world.

One of the famous examples was the coca-cola vending machine, in which the one who will hug the vending machine will get a free coke. Also, one of its vending machines was updated in a collage for giving free drinks to the students just to experiencing it.

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Jio telecom

Jio is a telecom service provider in India. And trust me you will become its big fan if you will know about its amazing marketing strategy. Jio purely opted for engagement marketing in India by introducing free 4G sims for the customers for a period of 6 months.

And during these six months, you don't have to pay a single penny. Just enjoy free unlimited voice calling and internet data. Jio poses a great role as a top 10 experiential marketing examples.

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Mccain is a frozen foods company that is serving its frozen snacks in various countries. You might have seen McCain food samples at various grocery stores in your city.

In this campaign, the seller serves you with the new range of frozen food items introduced by them for free or even offer their famous frozen food so that buyers have it and develop a new taste for their snacks. This strategy will not only increase their sales but also promote their products among a large number of customers available at the store.


Ceragem is a company that sells its machinery and equipment for the betterment of the people who are having psychical pain or any other problem related to their physique.

Ceragen also launched its campaign in various parts of the globe. In these campaigns, they offer free experience by using their advanced machinery and equipment under the guidance of specialized trainers.

And the customers who got impressed with their hi-tech machinery buy their machinery from them. This is one of the best experiential marketing examples that did wonders at increasing sales and promote their offering in different parts of the world.


Samsung is known for its ultimate experiential marketing. They create a separate window for enjoying the free experience of their new products. Especially, their VR (virtual reality) gear got famous worldwide as a part of the top 10 experiential marketing examples.

This virtual reality gear gives an amazing experience that looks like real-world experience and I am damn sure that Samsung VR gear would not get a response from a large audience if Samsung did not offer a free experience at their stores and various events.


Adidas is one of the favorite running shoe brand preferred by sportsmen and athletes commonly. One of its experiential campaigns in Latin America got very satisfactory results. In this campaign, the Adidas promotes its revolutionary running shoes that are quite effective and comfortable.

Adidas does not offer free shoes to the audience around the store but makes them experience the comfort by creating a pathway that offers an experience like wearing an Adidas shoe. This one very effective campaign and one of the top 10 experiential marketing examples that turn into a big success.


X box 360 is one of Microsoft's entertainment gadget that offers an outstanding gaming experience. And it is one of the well known experiential marketing examples that you might have seen at the gadget stores. Microsoft offers live free gaming experience to the store visitors.

Many of the visitors develop a great playing experience while using it. As the graphics and the ambiance are so impressive that no one can stop playing again.


If some of our readers are bloggers or website owners, then you might know what semrush is. It is an online SEO tool that offers a free trial for 7 days in which you can experience for free and if your experience is memorable then we can join the upgraded features.

It is also one of the good experiential marketing examples to look at.

Muscle pharm

Muscle Pharm is a muscle-building supplement brand that believes in high interaction between customers and its products by introducing experiential marketing. They widely offer free samples to the people who are willing to buy or want to experience a taste for their products.

You just have to log on to their website and ask for a free serving for your favorite supplement. This is a very good strategy for creating a valuable experience for potential customers.

Take away

These top 10 experiential marketing examples are taken from some of the big companies and brands that are well-known throughout the world. These experiential marketing examples are really very helpful at deriving a deep knowledge about this type of marketing technique.

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