Online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy

PharmEasy business model
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In today's world when most of the goods and service providers are shifting online for elevating their reach to a large number of customers. Online medicine provider PharmEasy is also facilitating easy online delivery of medicines at your doorstep.

It works on a simple algorithm of order fulfillment and delivering it to your desired location, just like any e-commerce service provider. And today we will read 3 main heads followed by the topic-

Content (Online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy)

  1. PharmEasy features and services
  2. PharmEasy business model
  3. PharmEasy marketing strategy

Let us begin with features and offerings to perceive a clear vision of its working structure.

PharmEasy features and services

PharmEasy is an online pharmacy that can be operated both from the web and its official application which puts away the burden of searching drugs and medicines from the local medical stores.

Also, one of its main advantages is that various health products prescribed by your doctors are not available near your location or you have to travel far for buying those medicines. It usually happens with the patients who reside away from market areas or living in a rural region. But, don't worry as this online medicine provider is there for you and it gives an advantage over pharmacy stores.

Apart from medicine delivering, PharmEasy is a leader in various other services such as-

Home diagnosis and testing- This is a very convenient feature offered by them that allows the person to regulate a medical checkup within their safe zones. In this home testing a person from their team would pick up your test sample from your location and after processing that sample in their certified laboratories they will show you the report.

They have showcase various test packages at their website and application which depicts that the PharmEasy marketing strategy is really impressive.

Offers and discounts- Giving offers and discounts is a great customer grabbing option. And this online health-care company is serving well by granting attractive rebates and offers like cashback and shopping coupons.

They also claim that offering discounts do not compromise on the quality of medicines and health products as they serve only quality products from the leading medical stores.

Free consultation and guidance- Though PharmEasy delivers products based on your doctor's prescription if you don't have a prescription then you can take free doctor guidance from their online platform and receive medication as per his advice.

Online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy

Apart from this feature they also post regular guidance in the form of articles on their blog. In which the readers can stay updated with the ways of fighting health problems and diseases with the reference of various natural remedies and precautions.

Categorized products- The products are categorized as per the requirements and needs into various units such as home care, health supplements, personal care, and baby care for the convenience of customers. And offered at the best-discounted price that you won't get from any medical store. 

PharmEasy success story

PharmEasy business model

Understanding its business model is very easy as most of the working is online and its operation runs between buyer, supplier, and distribution network. So, it creates a three-way chain. Let us understand this chain briefly.

Buyer- When a buyer search for a specific health product or medicine, then it shows favorable results along with the related search results for getting a wider perspective on the customers. And just like various e-commerce platforms, PharmEasy gives a valid description of the medicine with its discounted price.

After the order is placed it will guide you with the delivery options and the date it will be reaching at your place.

Supplier- It works in collaboration with various local suppliers or medical stores that offer the goods. And the working of this online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy revolves around its offerings by suppliers.

Along with this PharmEasy also generates revenue from various pharma companies that showcase their products on its website and app as featured brands. As it increases the possibility of customers buying those featured brands.

Distribution channel- Their distribution channel is very vast and this can be the main reason they are available to deliver with their products all over the nation and even covering the rural cities and backward areas.

All these factors clearly state that the PharmEasy business model is ready to serve most of the Indian customers with its huge online network which successfully collaborated with local suppliers to deliver the desired products or services. The founder of the company Dharmil Sheth has claimed that every year they are generating more growth and revenue as compared to previous years.

PharmEasy marketing strategy

Marketing is very crucial for achieving customer attention and PharmEasy has adopted various marketing strategies. And we will get an insight into these strategies as our topic suggests online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy.

The company targets its customers by popularizing its network online through social media marketing and other related networks. Along with their online marketing and the company manage to run the TV campaigns for engaging more viewers and retaining its brand.

Their Ads are really impressive and are telecast with a striking slogan- 

"Take it easy PharmEasy"

This slogan is catchy and also carries a message that doesn't worry if you want to buy medicines because it gets delivered easily at your doorstep. Along with this, the company conveys that they offer 20% off on buying from them.

Take away

From this reading, we got an insight into the features, business model, and marketing strategy of PharmEasy. This also helps us to know this company better after seeing its working structure and features.

You are free to ask any query or comment related to our topic online medicine provider- PharmEasy business model, marketing strategy.

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