Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors

Vedantu- online learning platform 

With an increase in the use of the internet for shopping, social media and, video streaming many of the companies are leading the way with online tutoring business. In which the learners or the students are taught by using advanced technology at their comfort places.

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Vedantu is also one of the online tutoring platform which is gaining acceptance from a large number of students. So, we will master the Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors for creating clear insight into its working model, operations, growth, and future perspective.

You may have approached various online learning portals but Vedantu is a bit different from others. Let us check the main features of this e-learning platform-

  • It gives you an amazing feature of live interaction between the tutor and the learner. While other platforms enable with pre-recorded video sessions which is hard for a student to talk for doubt clearance.

  • Along with the live sessions, it also claims to provide an interactive online classroom experience in which teachers try to explain the concepts as per the mindset of students and tries to create a fun learning experience.
 So, the students are very much fascinated to learn from this online tutoring business as it catering to the needs of pre-school children, high-school children, and students preparing for various entrance examinations.

  • They also initiate tests like online games that are not only entertaining but knowledgeable source of learning.

  • Also, the other advantage of this online education learning platform is that the students can adjust the speed of the chapters included in the course module as per their learning pace. That ensures complete freedom and no pressure over the students.

  • They give a feature of the feedback system, in which the teachers report the parents about their child's performance on a regular basis. That gives an advantage over the traditional PTM meeting in the schools which were just conducted twice or thrice a year.

Content ( Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors)
1. Vedantu business model
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Vedantu business model

Understanding the business model of Vedantu is very simple as it is a one-way business-to-consumer model that is directly dependents on users who are using their services for learning.

Along with providing various free courses, free live classes, and free study material they have introduced various paid services that will cost you as per your grade or the course you wanted to enroll in.

Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors

To get a deep analysis of the Vedantu business model, check how they generate revenue by reading their subscription model below.

Vedantu revenue model

Subscription model- They charge from the students based on the tenure of the courses which are categorized as long-term, micro-courses, short-term, and crash courses.

You can also select the pocket-friendly plans or opt monthly subscription instead of paying all amounts together. Also, they provide some free demo classes that turn helpful at taking a vital decision for enrolling for the course or not. One can browse various courses both on its application or website.

Vedantu's subscription model is achieving a great user response as its revenue for the year 2019 reached almost double its previous year. Now, let us read Vedantu marketing strategies followed by the Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors.

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Vedantu marketing strategy

This e-learning platform is targeting India as a prime user. It has opted for a very fascinating marketing approach that is successful at capturing many happy Indian users.

Vedantu is mainly promoting its services digitally from its website, google ads, and blog. Secondly, this online tutoring business is grabbing children's attention from it's a melodious and catchy advertisement that is telecast on TV & social media platforms.

The TV ad is very appealing and relatable to a fun learning experience which is carried out with a jingle- 

"Samaj aaye ga toh maza aaye ga, maza aaye ga toh samaj aaye ga"

This is a very good marketing strategy of Vedantu that is definitely creating a great impact on the audience. As we have seen a rapid rise in its revenue from its subscription model.

Vedantu competitors

Although Vedantu is a unique online tutoring business but still it is facing stiff competition from various e-learning players such as Byju's, Edukart, Unacademy, Toppr, Meritnation, and various prominent service providers in India.

And to fight this tough competition Vedantu is constantly introducing new features to its application and website's interface for getting an advantage over other players. Some of its new added features are coding for children program for the age group (6- 12 years) and master classes that offer free live learning with India's best teachers.

Also, Vedantu is striving hard by introducing various future plans for its business growth. It is planning to expand its services in the near future and also its reach in various rural areas.

Take away

In this article, we read about the complete overview of the online tutoring business named Vedantu. And we covered the Vedantu business model, marketing strategy, competitors that depicts its working outlook and opportunities.

Studying a business model is very helpful at capturing the positive and negative aspects of a business that provides us an adequate knowledge and learning. I hope your take away from this content was great. Thank you!

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