Effective synchro marketing examples

As we all know that the demand for certain products and services is not static. It may change according to seasonal or market trends but one can control the irregular demand by implementing Synchro marketing.

We will get an insight into some of the effective synchro marketing examples for deriving a better understanding of synchro marketing.

Synchro marketing

You might have seen a huge demand for air conditioners in the summer seasons but there is a drastic fall in the demand for this electronic item in the winter. The sellers have to face a loss in their sales during the off-seasons. But, don't worry as using some of the productive marketing strategies would be helpful at balancing irregular demand.

Synchro marketing carries various strategies that are proven successful at delivering great results. And we will be discussing some of the common strategies in the coming readings. But before that, we will talk about the meaning of this marketing term.

What is Synchro marketing?

Synchro marketing refers to a marketing strategy in which the seller tries to control the irregular demand by presenting various attractive offers to the customers. It is simply an appealing way of capturing customers who are having no more need of buying goods or services because of seasonal factors or irregular time.

This strategy is widely used by the businessmen for regulating the demand and for increasing the convincing ability. You might have experienced this as a buyer while buying goods from your local store. As many shopkeepers try to sell their off-seasonal goods by giving various offers that you might not get around the regular season.

The offers can be discounts, free services, or installment payment options depending on the types of goods or services. Now, let's move on to examples as our topic is followed by effective synchro marketing examples.

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Synchro marketing examples

These effective synchro marketing examples are extracted from our real-life experiences so that you can easily understand and relate it quite easily.

  • Various cafes and restaurants are mostly occupied in the evening because people are free to enjoy their evening snacks or dinner after their working hours but in the morning or the day time, they are mostly vacant. Also, these places cater to more visitors during weekends as compared to regular days.

So, the restaurants can attract more visitors by giving various offers such as complimentary drinks during day timings or discounts.

effective synchro marketing examples

  • Many clothing stores or outlets give off-season sales or concessions for a variety of clothes just to sell those undemanding off-season range. This is also one of the synchro marketing example opted by most of the businessmen.

  • There are various products that are hi in demand during festival seasons so, they are sold at a higher price due to high demand. And on the regular days when there is no or less need then these goods are offered at a relatively low price for availing customers. Example- pine tree in Christmas, bouquet in wedding seasons, or candles in Diwali.

Types of synchro marketing strategies

These strategies are categorized on the basis of the following factors-

Price- Price plays an important for attracting a large number of customers. This simply indicates that charging a low cost of goods and services can regulate the irregular demand that prevails in the market.

The customers being price sensitive tends to buy goods that they don't require at present if offered at a cheaper rate. The businessmen running their outlets or stores in the market charge prices very smartly as per the demand. Example- Air conditioners are tagged with a high price tag in summer seasons while in off-seasons the shopkeepers offer a relatively low price for the same.

Inviting offers- The offers act as a valid option for raising the demand for products and services. As a buyer, you might procure those items that you never thought of buying when out for shopping, and eventually, you bought them only because of offers.

The offers can be- buy one get one free, gift coupons, or big sale. All these are effective synchro marketing examples that are relatable to our real life.

Promotions- Now, the main focus is to attain customer's attention for telling them the attractive offers and rebates for your goods or services. And this can only be possible with promotional strategies as a part of marketing.

You might have discovered big hoardings on the highways or loud music near the stores, just to achieve your attention. And this attention acts beneficial for the sellers for showcasing its on-offer items. It may work to your business or not depends on the type of goods and services you are dealing with.

Take away

Let us wind-up with our learnings from this article. The motive is to derive a deep understanding of synchro marketing with the reference of effective synchro marketing examples that are taken from our real-life incidents.

In our reading, we dive deep into the productive strategies that are helpful for businessmen for controlling irregular demand.

Please feel free to ask any queries regarding our topic.

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