Unacademy business model, marketing strategy

Unacademy business model
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You may have heard from various elderly people that they use to go for their classes that were quite far from their home. They have to reach on foot and that requires a lot of time and strength. And in this modern era, a teacher is reaching to students and the process even does not require a physical classroom. 

Yes, with the up-gradation and advancement in technology, education is reaching every place. Now, we are flooded with various online learning platforms that are providing learning opportunities to several students from their homes.

This brings us to help our readers to enlighten with adequate knowledge about Unacademy, Unacademy business model, and Unacademy marketing strategy. It is an emerging online learning portal that is widely preferred by students who wanted to prepare for various competitive examinations. The popular classes they offered to their students are for banking, SSC, NEET, UPSC, CAT, and IIT examinations. It has revolutionized the way of teaching & learning by introducing an interactive learning platform.

About: Unacademy

Unacademy was officially formed in the year 2015 by the three individuals but its beginning as an online education provider was initiated in the year 2010 by Gaurav Munjal. He reveals its presence as a Youtube channel that works as a free learning platform for the students and soon it started gaining popularity among a large number of students.

After building a great subscriber base at Youtube, Unacademy decided to monetize its education portal by introducing some paid courses. While it still prevails as a free Youtube learning partner for its recorded lectures but for enrolling in live lectures as per our desired competitive exams, one has to register as a student from their website or application and pay the fees.

They launched their application based network for raising its customer reach and availability among millions of users. Being an online portal it grabbed most of the attention of those students who have to attend their regular college classes. Thus it becomes easy for them to prepare for the competitive exams along with the regular college classes from their comfort zones.

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Unacademy business model

The Unacademy business model reveals a bundle of factors that have helped it to be listed among the top online learning platforms. It emphasizes an easy way of learning and introduced its business model as an all-in-one network for various competitive examinations. It's learning pattern is categorized into two main groups:

Free learning- The free learning category allows users to watch the recorded videos free of cost but it eliminates the option to understand a doubt as it is a form of one-way communication.

Live lectures- It involves two-way communication, doubt clearing sessions, and various other benefits. It mainly involves flexible learning where one can watch live as well as record those lectures to watch as per one's convenience.

The Unacademy business model involves two mains ways that disclose its functioning and the revenue pattern:

Online application- Registering on its online application, a user can prepare for hundreds of listed examinations but one has to enroll by paying the fees charged by them. After completing the registration process one can go for daily live classes, practice sessions, mock sessions, and interactive quizzes and online games that help to learn in a better way anytime and anywhere.

Youtube- Unacademy's Youtube channel is one of the commonly used networks by millions of users. And for watching disturbance-free videos and enrolling in some of the paid lectures, one has to pay their subscription cost. This cost will allow you to enjoy a trouble-free video streaming experience with various other benefits.

Unacademy marketing strategy

Running a business with a strong marketing strategy allows the business to reach and survive among the big competitors present in the market. With the presence of various strong competitors in the market, Unacademy is using various strong marketing strategies such as online marketing campaigns, Tv advertising, and ambush marketing for attracting various users.

TV advertising- Unacademy is serving its offerings in various parts of India. And to reach a large number of audience TV advertisements is the best option. It is using various advertisement that depicts its services and helps in popularizing its brand image. Also, people who earlier were not aware of these online services got an insight into this service line.

Unacademy runs most of its TV campaigns by conveying most of the viewers a message that one can learn anytime and anywhere by enrolling to their platform. Apart from this with the help of their TV campaigns, they are constantly motivating the students by using a motivational mantra(slogan)-

Let's crack it...

Ambush marketing- In this IPL season, Unacademy was also listed among various other sponsors for conducting the game. As we all know that cricket is one of the most loved games for the Indians. So, doing ambush marketing by sponsoring the cricket event must have got a positive result that would definitely help in position its brand image among various viewers.

Online advertisement and marketing- Unacademy marketing strategy is really helpful at developing more potential learners. It is constantly partnering with various online advertising platforms such as google ads for getting a great response from online users.

Take away

Unacademy has covered a very long journey from being a small Youtube to a big online application-based platform. From the above reading, we learned about how it actually reaches a large number of audience, about its functions and work structure. Also develop a complete insight into Unacademy business model, Unacademy marketing strategy, and the revenue model of the company.

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