Home service provider: Housejoy business model, competitors

Housejoy business model

With the advancement in technology and high demand for convenient services, various companies have launched online home service platforms to serve customers. Housejoy is also one of the online home service providers that are serving in 13 cities of India.

It displays a wide range of offerings that are served at our doorsteps with the help of various service professionals catering to the needs of the customers whenever they want. Also, it is one of the emerging online home service company that has inspired us to share its working structure with our readers. So, we will direct you with the Housejoy business model, Housejoy competitors, and service offerings.


Housejoy as the name suggests that it is a combination of two words, House+Joy which clearly signifies that one would be delighted to experience an expert service within the comfort of their home. And surely it might be working as per its name. It was founded by Sunil Goel and Arjun Kumar in the year 2014 in Bengaluru, India with an aim of facilitating online services for customers.

Housejoy is an all in one platform that present services related to Salon at home, appliance repair, electrical & plumbing solutions, home cleaning, and home construction. They are committed to offering you the certified and experienced professionals who would deliver you remarkable service at the best price.

This brings in a complete convince for the customers as people sometimes find it challenging to get a verified professional who is competent and skillful. Even they have to compromise over the desired service that they are looking for. But, now with the existence of this on-demand home service provider, the chase for the expert servicemen is over.

It introduces ease of picking up good servicemen with price transparency and wider service categories. You can book your desired service from your convenient place by sharing your location and paying them after delivery or through an online mode of payment.

Housejoy is successfully servicing in 13 cities across India and gradually moving for expanding its service network within most parts of the nation.

Housejoy business model

Understanding the Housejoy business model brings clarity for its working structure, delivery network, and its business reach. It works on an approach of working as an intermediary between professional servicemen and final customers.

Servicemen: They partner with various service experts who can join them as their service representatives by registering themselves at their platform. And this process is followed by a complete set of procedures that ensures they are choosing valid professional servicemen for the customers.

After the completion of procedures and verification of service experts, they are provided with a familiarity with the organization and its working structure. And then launch them as Housejoy service providers by offering identity and t-shirt of the organization.

Final customers: The customers are the final users of the services offered by them and can book the desired service with the help of the Housejoy application or the website. The company brings in a huge service list to choose from and most of its widely offered services include salon at home, home construction, and electrician & plumbing services.

All these services are displayed on their website and online application with a very user-friendly interface, showcasing each service with a listed price, time range, and convenient payment options.

One can simply log-on from their online application or website and guide them with the desired location and time where service is to be delivered. The service partner will reach the customer's place within the selected time slot and deliver an expert service without any hassle.

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How does Housejoy earn?

Like any other intermediary, it is just building a bridge between the customers and the professional servicemen. It brings in a platform that is easy to access and offers convenient home solutions. Now, depicting the complete Housejoy business model, getting some clarity on how it regenerates revenue is very crucial.

It works on an approach of generating income in form of commission. They simply charge a commission for each service delivered and they have listed with different commission rates as per the type of service. Most of their commission range lies between 15-20 % of the final amount and may exceed the range as per the type of service.

Example: If a user books an electrician service and the final bill for the service delivered to the customer is Rs. 1000, then they may be charging 15-20% of the total amount charged and the rest will be earned by the servicemen.

Housejoy competitors

Getting a tough rivalry from the different home service companies is one of the biggest threats that Housejoy is facing. There are various service platforms such as Urban Company, Zimmber, Mr. Right, and Urban pro that are building a high level of competition.

Urban Company is one of the emerging and fast-growing on-demand service delivering company that is successfully serving customers nationally and internationally. It has reached a height, where customers have developed an immense trust for its service range.

And it is a bit difficult for Housejoy to sustain among the large number of players who have captured the market. But still, it is striving hard to develop a remarkable spot in the market by constantly expanding its number of services and raising more funds for building a strong network for reaching its offering throughout the nation.


From the above content, we derive a complete insight into the Housejoy business model, service offered by them, and Housejoy competitors. This reading assists us in generating a valid outlook of the company along with its business approach and working structure.

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