UpGrad business model: leading online higher education platform

Upgrad business model
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India is exceptionally improving the education services by having some eminent players in the field. We are moving from traditional classroom learning to virtual technology for building great accessibility. And one of the prominent contributors that is always recalled when talked about online higher education is UpGrad.

Today, we will spotlight the complete UpGrad business model for deriving a clear outlook of this ed-tech company. Also, we will analyze top UpGrad competitors that are helping it in fostering innovation and features for better growth.

About: UpGrad

UpGrad begins its journey in the year 2015 with the objective of offering an online learning experience. It transformed itself as a prominent online higher education provider by running collaboration with various educational institutes and universities. 

These institutes offer specialized courses in various fields such as management, healthcare, data science, law, arts, and technology. This clearly depicts that they are targeting the complete higher education industry for catering to the needs of candidates in the wider area.

The course learning that they are offering in collaboration with various universities is not only narrowed with online studies but they offer placements and internships as well. So, this creates a great opportunity for the learning aspirants to learn and implement their skills in the corporate world. 

Apart from the national institutes, UpGrad has joined hands with significant international universities that provide competent learning and skills with an international degree.

The courses that are introduced by UpGrad do not need your complete time devotion like courses in other colleges but they are designed in such a way that students and working-class people both can experience the studies conveniently. 

In clear terms, this edtech company provides advancement to a working man and a full-time student to upgrade one's skills by learning online as per suitability. Let us take a sneak peek at the work structure and the UpGrad business model.

UpGrad business model

UpGrad business model works on a two-way approach that bridge the gap between the learners and learning providers to make them future ready.

UpGrad mainly works as an intermediate between various education institutes and candidates for providing the best online knowledge. They showcase their offered courses with the help of their website and a mobile application.

And the interested candidates can register themselves by fulfilling the eligibility criterion set by the institute. After meeting the eligibility criteria, they have to pay the fee for the course. The individuals have a choice to pay the complete fee or they can select the installment option for the payment.

Apart from online education, their platform also features employers to recruit professional candidates that have enrolled with them. An employer or recruiting firm can reach out to them and ask them for the candidates who meet the certain eligibility formed by them. 

This ultimately creates a two-way model that makes UpGrad fulfill its commitment towards placing the students and gives an easy way to the companies to choose great talents. After scanning the UpGrad business model now, we will analyze the main UpGrad competitors that are flaming the online education sector.

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UpGrad competitors

Like any other industry, our ed-tech sector is also surrounded by various competitors. But, UpGrad is a bit lucky in terms of rivalry it faces from various players in the industry. This is all due to a unique selling proposition followed by them. It is a leader in offering a wide range of certified degree courses in partnership with various reputed institutes. 

And this feature stands unique and innovative. UpGrad also gained more popularity due to the shut down of various physical classroom because of pandemic conditions in the world. And many people enrolled in various specializations to kick start their career and skills.

Some of its main contender in the game of online education are Edureka, Simplilearn, Coursera, Edx, and Udacity. All of these players focus more on providing online certification courses that make them run on a common road. 

But, UpGrad is focusing on a contrasting path of providing specialized programs offered by various institutes and universities worldwide which brings in a quirky character of the company. This is also one of the main reasons why UpGrad is rewarded as one of the top 10 most innovative companies in India.

UpGrad marketing strategy

UpGrad has built some great marketing strategies to build a wider reach and position in the market. They tried to capture the Indian market by running various online campaigns and TV advertisements. Though Indian is not a fast mover in the online education sector but their attractive marketing campaigns followed by various great courses pushed the sector to its peak.

Also, to make the candidates enroll in various offerings they have introduced a price-less learning feature on the board for giving a glimpse about their online structure and education.

The TV advertisement that was been launched by them did a valid positioning among a large number of audience. The ad features a donkey and various employees working in an organization who were following the same road map that is licking the donkey. 

This shows that people follow each other for getting a promoted position in the organization while an individual with a specialization does not need to do this. The ad was followed with tag:

"Sirf naam ki nahi kaam ki degree"

Take Away

From the above reading, we developed an insight into the UpGrad business model and build a perception about this edtech company. We derive an awareness about the features that this learning platform offers to the learning aspirants.

Also, analyze the UpGrad competitors in this segment and how they are affecting the online education scenario. We learned about the UpGrad marketing strategy and how it assists this brand to reach at a faster pace to a large number of targeting customers.

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