Making fitness fun- Cure.fit business model | marketing strategy

Cure.fit business model
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People are moving one step forward for living a healthy life. And for this, they are trying to change their lifestyle, routine, and habits. Adding physical exercises and consuming healthy food is one of the prime ways for physical and mental wellbeing. Seeing this as an opportunity many businesses are trying to make a space in this domain.


And one of the leading businesses in the health and fitness space is Cure.fit. Cure.fit brings in a range of offerings for individuals who aspire to stay fit and healthy. They come in with an online space that delivers a combination of physical coaching, Gyms, diet expertise, an e-commerce system for procuring fitness goods.

Today, we will prospect, Cure.fit business model for deriving the entire business structure and diving deep into how they are providing seamless health solutions to the enthusiasts. We will also touch upon Cure.fit marketing strategy for discovering an answer for how they are creating a great market position as a fitness brand.

About: Cure.fit

Cure.fit was founded in the year 2016 by renowned personalities of the corporate world. Ankit Nagori and Mukesh Bansal, ex Flipkart executives introduced this health and fitness company. They initially started by giving Gym services and very soon gauge the demand of the fitness enthusiasts and entered into the e-commerce space. 

Now, Cure.fit is covering most of the health and fitness volume by dealing in athleisure wear and equipment, facilitating doctor consultations, online therapies, and online personal training. 

In this pandemic situation when people are preferring to stay at their homes. Cure.fit grabbed the chance and crop up with online fitness classes for the people who are seeking fitness solutions. One can subscribe to their varied exercise features and get oneself trained for yoga, muscle building, and various other workouts.

The training is given by the expert trainers on the mode of live fitness class. Apart from exercising, Cure.fit has introduced healthy food vertical into its health and fitness business. Where it acts as a hyperlocal food delivery partner delivering a variety of food to a large number of customers. Now, let us move to our core topic that is the Cure.fit business model. 

Cure.fit business model 

Cure.fit has segregated its offerings into different sections so as provide a variety to its customers and also serve them as per their requirements. They serve their customers from both application and website by providing them a user-friendly interface. The verticles are categorized as:


This feature is for fitness admirers who are willing to exercise by actually visiting their fitness centers. Cult.fit is a chain of fitness centers that are located in different cities. They may expand their operations in multiple cities but currently, they are operating in metropolitan locations.

These physical fitness centers are one of the largest revenue generators for this company. Also, it has expanded its reach by featuring an online fitness service,  where the trainees can do physical drills from their comfort places. 

2. Mind.fit

Mind.fit is an extraordinary attribute of this online fitness brand that allows the users to book multiple therapies through an online mode. The therapies are tagged with a similar price range and are listed under different heads with varied features. Also, the Cure.fit business model showcases different pre-recorded sessions for the users.

3. Care.fit

Care.fit is the need of the hour feature that allows the users to book for online doctor consultation. This feature exhibit different options for patients suffering from different problems. Introducing this trait in the app has elevated Cure.fit's core operations to the next level.

Now, the above heads spotlighted the business offerings of this health and fitness company. But, stretching more towards the Cure.fit business model, we will find that it has spread its wings into multiple locations by actually facilitating an option of joining hands as a partnership. 

They offer a feature in which an individual can partner them for a Cult.fit franchise and they charge an investment amount for setting up the facility.

Cure.fit marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is very crucial for making our products or services visible in the business competition. Cure.fit marketing strategy has also worked as a key element in amplifying its reach and presence amoung big heath and fitness companies. Let us checkout some of its prime marketing tactics:

Influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is one of the stong marketing approach opted by Cure.fit. They have collaborated with various celebrities who are quite fit and most of the people follow them because of their shaped personalities or because of their involvement in sports. Some of the main influencers partnered with Cure.fit include Nora Fatehi, Hrithik Roshan, Tiger Shroff, and many more.

Social media marketing 

Social media marketing is one of the trendiest form of promoting the goods and services. People widely use social media platforms and many of the companies are using its as a weapon to capture their customers.

Cure.fit is usually using these platforms for popularizing their offerings and also building potential customers who holds an interest in health and fitness. They are creating online campaigns and mostly using the face of the celebrities as celebrity endorsement is very effective and powerful.

Take away 

From the article above, we derived an extensive knowledge about Cure.fit. How they have actually categorised themselves into multiple verticles in the same industry? The Cure.fit business model is quite vast and glean us an insight into various modes of revenue generation for this company.

We also learned about the Cure.fit marketing strategy, although they use multiple ways to promote their offerings but we spotlight into core tactics used by them.