Easy to start businesses in finance field

easy to start businesses in finance field

Most of us believe that there is no age to start something new. Yes, this may be right, but the people who are future conscious believes in starting at a younger age. The same goes with a business, the more early you start it the more benefits you can reap out.

And today, we will babble on the easy to start businesses in finance field that one can start and generate great income. The one with experience in the finance domain or who has earned an education in this field may hold the advantage over the others. 

This does not mean that others won't be able to establish their business in the finance field. But, they might need to get some proficiency before starting.

Now, there are varied business ideas in finance field but we have brought in some of the easy to start businesses. As most of the big businesses are formed after heavy investments and filing out complex formalities. 

We believe that one should move into complex businesses after testing some small to operate businesses that are a bit familiar to one's aspiring domain.

And the top 5 easy to start businesses in finance field are Bookkeeping service, Selling finance courses online, Trading in stocks & commodities, Write finance blogs & books, Training investing & trading. 

These are some of the business ideas in the finance domain. Now, we are going to check in deep what all is required for initiating these businesses.

Top 5 easy to start businesses in finance field 

1. Bookkeeping service

If accountancy is the subject that interests you then being a bookkeeper is a great choice. To start as a bookkeeper you need to approach small businesses that are in need of someone who can maintain their records. 

The main role and responsibility of a bookkeeper is to handle the transactional business records in an appropriate manner. Don't worry there are a large number of free software that will help you in data handling.

And at the end bookkeeper needs to prepare the books of accounts and process the application for tax.

Also, need to keep a check on the cash inflow and outflow for an accurate statement. This statement is later forwarded to the CA for deriving the balance sheets and financials. So, this job is less complex and approachable for most people with a finance background.

2. Selling finance courses 

.If you believe that you have an ability to share the learnings and experiences that you have gained. Then you can easily sell finance courses online. All you need is to follow some of these crucial steps:

You need clarity of thoughts: Selling a course means you need to express your words in a very informative manner. As the viewers or the readers out there might be new to the topic. And eventually, you will be rated well only if you are able to convey your thought to all the enrolled learners. 

Find out the trending subject in finance: Look for the trending subjects because making a course that no one wants to pay for might to useless for you. 

Identify the target audience: Need to look that what type of people you want to target or whom you wanted your content to be shared with. Be specific with age ( are you targeting the adults or teenagers).

Market it on different platforms: You can share the courses in different online groups or post on popular social media platforms to build some visibility online. After gaining some reach you may get some course enrollments and earn from that enrollment amount.  

3. Trading in stocks and commodities

Now this occupation is quite different from the others because in this neither you are looking for clients nor waiting for your job application to be approved. Here you are putting your capital at stake for earning the returns. 

The thing is that this job seems easy but it is a bit risky. Because you are infusing your money into the stocks market and it does not guarantee you success, you might end up making huge losses.

One needs to have a strong knowledge of technical analysis. That includes studying the stock price momentum by reading candles, charts, patterns, using indicators. And if you are a beginner then you need to devote at least 8-12 months to understanding technicals and knowing how they guide us in predicting the trends.

There is plenty of online stuff available that can support you in learning how to trade in stocks or commodities.

4. Write finance-related blogs or books 

If you have finance-related knowledge and can create an impact over a large number of knowledge seekers then you can go writing blogs or publish books. 

If you choose to write blogs then you need to build an online space for representing your stories and articles. And for that, you need to buy a domain name and get a hosting platform. Initially, if you really do not want to invest much then you can choose free hosting platforms as well.

Taking about earnings from writing blogs then you have multiple options to earn. You can apply for an ads network where you will be paid each time visitors make clicks or impressions over the published ads. Also, you can write promotional content by partnering with varied companies or go for affiliate marketing. 

On the other hand publishing, a book needs you to write the complete writing in one go or you can circulate it in parts. After this, you need to approve the publication and sell it. These days people prefer buying booking online and the online portals also allow you to list your books for sale.

5. Training investing and trading 

If you know how to invest and trade in different financial assets such as stocks, commodities, derivatives, cryptos then this is one of the best business ideas in finance field for you. 

With this business, you can reach out to the aspirants. You can start an offline or online or both option for the people who are willing to learn the game. 

These days this profession is one of the greatest avenues to choose from. Even you might have experienced this.

Take a look at Youtube you will find hundreds of trainers out there who are pushing the learners to register for their trading classes. They are really making great money not even by selling paid training but also from Youtube monetization. 

Take away

In this article, we read about some of the easy to start businesses in finance field. And as already told you that people with finance-related experience. Or those who have done their education in the finance and economics background would be more advantageous over the others. 

Additionally, there are a number of business ideas in finance field but we bring in some of the easy to start recommendations. The ideas were Bookkeeping service, Selling finance courses online, Trading in stocks & commodities, Write finance blogs & books, Training investing & trading.