How publicity stunts are used by brands to grab attention?

Publicity stunt

Spending huge money on advertisements or alluring marketing campaigns does not always work for promoting the brands. Sometimes a small unconventional tactic can do wonders for brands in building an admired image in the eyes of the public. There are real-life examples from different brands that can be traced as evidence of their popularity because of publicity stunts.

Thought publicity stunt seems to be easy to go strategy for product promotion but may lead to deep controversy if not dealt with in the right manner.

However, we bring you a complete process for better understanding and have involved live examples captured from big brands. Know what is the exact meaning of a publicity stunt and how it is used worldwide by businesses.

What is a publicity stunt?

It is a mapped-out program or a planned act for grabbing the customer's attention. It is also sometimes referred to as a marketing stunt that simply aims to promote the desired goods or services by bringing them into the limelight. 

Example: You can relate it with the local public fairs giving you a short glimpse of a thrilling stunt with an aim of persuading viewers to purchase tickets to experience the entire stunt show. 

This is the same process that is adopted by businesses to focus their products or services in the eyes of the audience. Some of the brands perform these marketing stunts to deliver a message to the customers that won't be that much constructive if marketed through other media channels. 

A very profound brand using this tactic is Coca-cola, it has once located two vending machines in two separate countries facing unpleasant relations due to some political tension. The users of those vending machines cross country were connected to share a movement with people of another country. 

A complimentary drink was rewarded to the users with a message that although there is some political stress but we will maintain peace and love mutually. This stunt was recalled every time by the viewers and helped Coca-cola to build awareness and attention for its brand. 

Major benefits of a publicity stunt

These are the main benefits of publicity stunts:

Wide coverage

Grabbing someone's attention is not easy, especially if it is a new brand launched in the market. The marketing stunt accesses you with prompt avenues to create an easy impact among the targeted audiences. Though there are quick benefits the coverage will follow only when your ideas are out of the box.

Express promotion 

The publicity stunt aware the public about products and services you are dealing with in the most clever manner. As relying only on a traditional marketing approach may derive you slow progress but exposure through these stunts will offer you the quick benefits in the best possible manner.

Highlights message 

Sometimes these stunts are done to focus on a specific theme or objective, that is simply backed by a strong message. 

Example: Coca-Cola always tries to relate its brand with joy and happiness as it is actively involved in the promotion of its products through public engagement. Sharing free Coke bottles with common visitors at malls though its vending machines was simply to express a message of sharing is caring. 

Top publicity stunts that got viral worldwide

1. Uber icecream

Uber was a new buzz on social media after introducing this stunt. They experienced new joiners to their portal and sharply enhanced the average user engagement with Uber. 

The company discovered that there was some problem in customer engagement due to rising problems within the company. Uber reached out to the doorsteps of a large number of people and covered hundreds of cities throughout the day for distributing ice cream. 

2. KFC ad

KFC's publicity stunt was to popularise the brand worldwide. It builds an 85,700 square feet logo called face from space that was visible from the Google maps and space.  

The logo was so big that it can be seen from the orbit and worked as an extreme way of advertising its offerings. The logo was the face of founder Harland Sanders also known as Colonel build from theme colored tiles looks like a big puzzle to the viewers. 

3. Taco Bell liberty bell

Taco Bell came up with an innovative stunt that charmed thousands of people in the least time. It was an April fool prank by Taco Bell that released a wide news coverage that they have purchased the Liberty bell to reduce the country's debt. 

This fast-food company declared that we have purchased our country's treasury (bell) to relieve it from debt and the visitors can visit us to view the bell. Taco Bell received huge publicity as people in a large group visited them and enquire them through a call that if country's bell was sold. 

Take away 

From the above write-up, we derive the meaning of Publicity stunt and how it is useful for promoting and generating publicity in the best possible ways. Additionally, we highlighted the major benefits of a publicity stunt that helped us in exploring the wide gains we can make from this strategy. 

Then we shared the prime stunts that got viral all over the world. Some of these were Uber Icecream, KFC ad, and Taco Bell Liberty Bell.